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Benefits of mediation

Benefits of Family Mediation Services

Family mediation has the following benefits when compared to Court action:

Cheaper, more cost effective – save thousands on expensive Court, trial and solicitors’ fees, mediation costs a fraction of the cost of Court action.

Faster – save several months and years of preparing for and going through Court, mediation can be arranged within 14 days and take 1 day or just a few months (divorce and separation cases may take a number of sessions over a few months).

Informal – no Court, Judges, social workers mediation is informal and removes the intimidation and stress of Court and can take place in a neutral venue of your choice, even your home possibly.

Less damaging – mediation can help to repair and maintain pre existing relationships, especially when children are involved where Court action usually can’t.

Easier to keep control – mediation allows you to make your own decisions and to design your own outcome, unlike a Judge deciding for you and imposing an outcome on you.

Confidential – the mediation process is completely confidential and being an attempt to negotiate a settlement of your dispute is entirely without prejudice.

Nothing to lose – if you cannot agree upon a solution you have lost nothing and your legal rights will not be affected.

Various outcomes – Court action usually only provides a monetary outcome, a winner and a loser, mediation can provide a combination of outcomes, such as damages, an apology, an explanation, change in behaviour to mention a few.