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Accredited Mediation Training

Accredited mediation training. Our accredited civil, commercial and workplace mediation skills; training courses are prestigious & internationally renowned. They are amongst the most recognised and sought-after mediation qualifications on the market.

Recognised worldwide, we are classed as one of the leading mediation training bodies in Europe. Now in our seventeenth year of delivering accredited mediation training. We are one of the oldest mediation training providers in the UK. Of which there are only a few, especially with our level of experience.

We have crafted and developed a range of accredited mediation courses. Based upon the actual accredited mediation training that we undertook ourselves. Through CEDR, the ADR Group, Academy of Experts, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators & UK Mediation.

As well as nearly 20 years of mediating disputes. Thus incorporating not only the theory, but the hands on experience and practice into our offering.

Our courses are accredited through the following bodies. Which have a rigorous criteria & quality control scheme. Which has to be met, before they confer accreditation onto the mediation training provider.

This allows us to deliver our courses so the learner can claim Continuous Professional Development hours (CPD). These count toward mediation CPD related hours. A Civil Mediation Council requirement. As well as CPD hours specific to the learners own industry.

On successful completion, the below allow you to practice as a mediator. Click on the below links for more details about each of the courses.

For those who have already undertaken their accredited mediator training. Through EDSL, or another mediation provider. The below courses not only build upon the mediators previous teaching. But expands it, gaining further expertise in the speciality they wish to pursue. Click on the below links for more details about each of the courses.