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Basic Mediation Skills

Basic Mediation Skills

Basic mediation skills, this mediation course covers the basic principles of mediation. It is an introduction to mediation and the alternative dispute resolution world. It is for those who are curious, interested in mediation and want to learn more. Whether it is to satisfy their curiosity. To learn and create a foundation, to sit one or more of our other courses, and or, to ultimately practice as a mediator.

The aim of the course, what will delegates learn?

  • What is alternative dispute resolution?
  • Where alternative dispute resolution sits within civil and commercial litigation.
  • Where mediation sits in the framework of alternative dispute resolution.
  • The principles that underpin mediation.
  • The procedures and protocols of mediation.

The learning outcomes, delegates will be able to explain:

  • The history of mediation.
  • The principles, processes and procedures of mediation.
  • The benefits of mediation.
  • Which type of mediation to use for which dispute.
  • The advantages of mediation, compared to litigation and other dispute resolution processes.
  • The role of the mediator.

What does the curriculum consist of?

  • The need for alternative dispute resolution.
  • The benefits of mediation.
  • Mediation compared to other dispute resolution practices.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of individual dispute resolution processes.
  • The foundations of mediation.
  • Evaluative – V – facilitative mediation.
  • The essential skills a mediator must possess.
  • How to undertake a mediation from start to finish.

Pre requisite qualifications?

There are no pre requisite qualifications, to sit this course. However, delegates should be fluent in English.

Course delivery

  • Delivery is face to face, with a 10.00 start, through to 17.00.
  • Delivery is through a range of methods. A power point presentation which is reinforced through, examples of real-life mediated cases. Video, as well as role play exercises.
  • Assessment is by way of a written assignment. Which will need to be submitted within 14 days of sitting the course.
  • A certificate of attendance will be issued within 28 days of the course being sat. Alongside the results of your written assignment.