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Commercial Mediation Training Assessments

Commercial Mediation Training Assessments

Commercial Mediation Training Assessments; have you undertaken your commercial mediation training, and unfortunately did not pass the assessment, for whatever reasons?

Or are you about to undertake a commercial mediation training course, and or assessment, and would like some extra tutoring?

Commercial mediation training, is expensive, regardless of which mediation provider you trained with, are considering to train with to obtain accreditation. Therefore, it would be extremely prudent to safeguard the expensive investment you have made, about to make.

Ensuring that if you have not passed your assessment, you do on a re sit.  Or if you are yet to sit an assessment, you ensure you pass first time round. Whereby you can avoid the hassle, stress and expense of re sitting an assessment.

What can I do for you?  If you have already sat your commercial mediation training assessments and not passed, I will;

  • Review your assessment feedback reports to ascertain, the areas where the assessors felt you need to improve.
  • Have a telephone conversation with you, to discuss the assessor’s findings, and my views on their comments.
  • Devise a detailed learning strategy on the key areas you will need to concentrate on.
  • Seek your comments on the strategy.
  • Agree the amount of time that will be required to implement the strategy. So that you will be ready to re take your re sit.
  • The sessions will take place in person, if need be. But generally, are done over the telephone, at times and dates which suit you. So that you can fit the sessions around work & any other pre-existing commitments.
  • The sessions usually last between 1-2 hours. Whereby I will tell you exactly what you need to do, to improve on the areas that have been identified, which require improvement. This is done through practice, examples, and real-life mediation experience. A combination of these techniques are used to reinforce your learning and improve your practical performance.
  • When you are ready, have improved, I will mock assess you on worked upon areas. Continuing to do so, until you are ready to retake your resit.
  • My efforts are not designed to, just make you pass. The aim is to exceed what is required, so that your performance for assessment, and for real life mediating is perfect.

If you are about to sit an assessment and want to brush up on particular skills, problem areas, the exact above approach will be undertaken. Obviously, there will not be any assessment feedback reports, as you have not sat your assessment yet. However, I would invite any comments that your trainers have given you. Which will be taken into account when devising your learning strategy.

What makes you such an expert?

  • In 2007, I was invited onto the faculty of mediation tutors for the global organisation the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Usually, admittance onto the faculty is by application. Since joining I have taught, trained, assessed, moderated, and marked hundreds of potential commercial mediators.
  • Dealt with several appeals from candidates who have not passed their commercial mediation assessments. Contributed to the commercial mediation courses, and assessments material and updates.
  • I have also acted as the course director, sole tutor, co tutor as well as the Chief assessor on several occasions. In the UK, as well as Kenya, Dubai, Greece, Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey. I was also commissioned to write their workplace mediation training course.
  • I am also on the faculty of the ADR Group, for whom I deliver their commercial and workplace mediation training courses and assessments.
  • 17 plus years’ experience of mediating over 1000 disputes, across all dispute sectors, in the UK & globally.
  • A leading name in the mediation & mediation training world.
  • A Qualified Dispute Resolver, Accredited Commercial Mediator though CEDR, the ADR Group & the Academy of Experts. An Accredited Workplace & Community Mediator, through UK Mediation. Therefore, I have sat four different sets of assessments and passed each of them on the first occasion. Whereby I have incorporated the feedback from each assessor into my own mediation practice. In short, I know how you feel, and have been in your shoes.
  • An associate Teacher and qualified Trainer, holding the Certificate In Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (Level 4).