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Mediation Work Experience

Mediation Work Experience

Mediation work experience, we provide such experience by way of mediation observations. An observation allows an individual to see a real-life mediation take place. Whereby they simply observe, watch and listen to an experienced mediator mediate a real dispute.

At the end of any observations we provide, there is a chance for the observer to ask any questions that may have arisen during the course of their observation.

Mediation work experience for those who are not mediators

It is extremely useful for those who are considering a career in mediation. Or those who are contemplating undertaking a workplace or civil, commercial mediation training course.

As it gives a real flavour, an eye opener of what it is really like to be a mediator. And what is required in terms of the types of disputes you will have to mediate. Some of which can be extremely complicated, very upsetting as emotions are involved. Not to mention the angry parties, difficult personalities, that have to be managed. Whilst remaining calm, patient and independent. As well as balancing being professional throughout, with sometimes quite rude, hostile and aggressive parties.

We have had individuals who were considering mediation as a career, undertaking training, but having observed one of our mediators have decided not to pursue the training and or career.

Stating a variety of reasons why mediation would not suit them, the most common reasons given have been;

  1. It is way too difficult to balance so many skills at the same time.
  2. It is not what I thought it would be like, I had a completely different perception.
  3. I would struggle to remain independent.
  4. I would struggle to not let my opinion influence my judgement.
  5. I did not realise how much patience would be required.

Although it is perhaps disappointing to observe a mediation and realise it is not for you. At least this has saved you the time energy and expense of undertaking a mediation training course, or embarking on mediation as a career. Only to then realise, it is not for you.

In fact, we have had a number of observers actually thank us, they have been extremely grateful for us saving them the time, effort and expense. Citing had it not have been for the observation, they would have gone on to pursue a career which would not have been for them.

Thankfully we have had more observers, observe, which has enthused them. Whereby they go onto to train, and seek a career in mediation.

Mediation work experience for mediators

We provide mediation observations for mediators also. A newly trained mediator will need to observe as a minimum three mediations. Three workplace, or three commercial depending upon which type of mediation they wish to practice.

Equally observations are also available for the more experienced mediator, who may require an observation for their annual CPD purposes. A refresher, or to learn skills in advanced mediation from an experienced mediator.