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Happy Black Friday

Happy Black Friday

Get out of my way.

And finally let me have my say.
This debt dispute, I have to, somehow lay.
The judge is the only one I shall obey!
The Black Friday sales are on.
But all my money has gone.
On this protracted dispute.
Of which, you silly defendant, you are the root!
Gucci, Prada & Café Strada.
I can no longer afford, a distant memory.
Being tied up in this legal ceremony.
More cash on account, my lawyer constantly stipulated.
I just paid him £1500, I am so frustrated!
Disbursements, counsel’s & expert’s fees.
I wish I could just flee.
I’m sinking further into the sea.
Of debt, what end result will I get?
Maybe I should have gone to that magic mediator?
And not this overpriced, fee generator?
Nearly 7 months have gone.
When will a light be shone?
I should have listened.
But the mediator’s words did not glisten.
He said save money, time & stress.
Through our mediation service.
It will help you to avoid a litigation mess!
Happy Black Friday, no discounts I’m afraid, however, try our mediation services, our mediators and I will certainly save you money, like the defendants in my commercial mediation of Tuesday, who saved £15,000 by going through mediation conducted by me, or the workplace mediation that I conducted earlier today, that global organisation saved £30,000, better than any 30% off if you ask me?
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