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Happy Vaisakhi

Happy Vaisakhi

Not a peaceful Vaisakhi, she’s way too larakhi (confrontational).

His wife, too much strife, get me a knife & bury her in Fife!

In 1699 our Khalsa (Sikh Religion) was created, years on, I’m so ill fated, this dispute’s too heated.

My lawyer said I had a strong case to my face.
But there is no guarantee, his legal fee is screwing me.

He has gone for the kill with his large legal bill.

Try that Sikh Mediator guy, apparently he’ll make your dispute die no lie.

Do you know him, yes seen him at the gym, a yaar (mate) of Tim, drives a white car.

The private plate H9RVB, yes that’s him, what can he do for me? Save you worry, time & Pasa (cash) how do you know?

Frank from salsa, used him for a ghar (property) dispute, saved him thousands, cut it at the root!

Kamaljit Singh used him for that contract thing, Mike for a probate matter, who’s cash flow is now fatter.

Several Gurdwara’s (Sikh Temple’s) have used him for contract, land, committee, landlord & tenant cases. He mediates for all races, international in several places, high success rate, call him before it’s too late!

Just make a decision he’s the same religion.
Forget this fight, look at his website, 73 references he should be your preference, he’ll get you a severance?!
I went to his website, your right he knows his stuff, his availability was tough, picked up our case quick by the cuff.

In high demand, mediates all over the land, was great to watch him mediate 1st hand.

Did you yield a fair result, yep he knows his field. T
hey postured, stuck out their chātī (chest), his wife full of calākai (craftiness), claims she was up rati (all night) with worry, overwhelmed by all this litigation malarkey & her husband has now become a Śarābī (drunk).

We huff & puff, Bhurji said enough, he made the dispute regress we progress, through his wisdom we assess this legal mess.

Very brisk, he explains the litigation risk.
10 AM turns to night, he mediates hard, no need to fight.

A conclusion, well we both won, he brokers a deal, our egos can now heal.

He didn’t take my side, independent got us all to abide & no longer hide what we wanted to say, cash saved, so we can now afford to go to San Francisco bay.

As I listened to Saqi (Bhangra band), we drove to the Gurdwara to celebrate Vaisakhi, a peaceful one in the end, no more going around the bend.

As I enter Bhurji was in the centre who’d also come to celebrate Vaisakhi, dripping in Versace, the suit we paid for? He opens a door, smiles & wished us a happy Vaisakhi.