April Fools

Got A Dispute?
End It Now!

To hell with this, you are a complete April Fool!
You pathetic mule, this is your fault.
Blame your cheap tool.

Pay up, or we can go through court & have a duel.
Fool, you still owe me for the fuel, your just thick & cruel.

I’m glad I didn’t finish the swimming pool.
All you did was moan.
Could never get you on the phone.

Well if you weren’t so cheap.
The pool wouldn’t leak.

But no get the tiles from my guy.
The one who was high.

They’re cheaper.
Your guy is much steeper.

The problem with you flash sorts is.
You are just full of rubbish thoughts.
When it comes to paying up, you pull out the begging cup.

What are you going to sue me for?
Not finishing a job, with cheap materials you supplied.
Paid me only a few bob, & now, all you denied?

If you actually knew your trade.
The foundations you would have laid.

Then allowed to set.
Instead of blow drying with that compression jet.

A few bob you say, didn’t you say to pay you cash, to keep the VAT man away?!

What will HMRC say about that, don’t threaten me, you know my brother carries a gat!

Wow, I am now scared, by the illiterate & building impaired.
Get off my land, otherwise my hand, will reach for that spade, and on the ground you will be laid!

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