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      The lead Mediator and Director of Effective Dispute Solutions Limited is Harvinder Singh Bhurji


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      Specialisms include Commercial including Debt Recovery and Contractual Disputes, Civil including Personal Injury.

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    Muslim Mediation

    Muslim Mediation, many UK Muslims who came from Pakistan, Africa, India or the UAE. Have settled and now live in the UK. Disputes which have occurred in their home countries, sometimes have followed them to the UK.

    Although these disputes, generally can be over anything, with anyone. Typically, they will be between family members, or close village members, friends in the previous country and or now the UK.

    The usual issues in dispute concern;

    • Land
    • Property
    • Money
    • Gold
    • Businesses
    • Out of caste, out of race marriages
    • Returning of a dowry
    • Operation of Mosques

    We have mediated several disputes involving the management of Muslim Mosques. Unfortunately, the disputes have involved;

    • Allegations of fraud, theft
    • Mis management, misappropriation of money
    • Mis management, misappropriation of property
    • Unconstitutional behaviour
    • Management committee issues
    • Not complying with the Charity Commissions regulations
    • Health & safety issues

    It is not uncommon for disputes in Pakistan to surface, and or resurface in the UK. For example, I loaned you £12000 for your daughter’s wedding. AND, whilst I’m here, we need to discuss the land shares in Pakistan. Which we haven’t divided.

    Sometimes a dispute is inherited and passed through to the next generation. Whereby the children or grandchildren who had nothing to do with the original dispute(s), now are held accountable, and responsible.

    Language, culture, tradition, religious, logistical and jurisdiction barriers just further fuel the dispute. Making it that much more frustrating, complicated, stressful, time consuming and expensive.

    Our Muslim mediators have mediated several disputes between them, which have encompassed disputes specifically within the UK Muslim community.

    They would be the obvious choice, as they understand;

    • The culture, they know it and have been brought up in it
    • Speak the language – mother tongue of the disputants
    • Can grasp the issues quicker than mediators who have not grown up in the culture

    Examples of recent cases our mediators have settled, concerning disputes, within the Muslim community, are;