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Civil & Commercial Mediation Services

Our Community Mediators

10 of our mediators specialise in community mediation disputes, click on the arrows below to view all of our community mediation dispute mediators, click on READ MORE to view an individual mediators full CV.

  • Mediator Harvinder Singh Bhurji

    The lead Mediator and Director of Effective Dispute Solutions Limited is Harvinder Singh Bhurji


    Dr Michael Butterworth

    I am available to undertake all aspects of Commercial, Civil and Community mediation

  • Rajiv Chelani

    He has worked in varied project management, commercial and community leadership roles.


    Ike Ehiribe

    As a Chartered Arbitrator and Adjudicator I have issued well over 400 awards and decisions in civil & commercial disputes

  • Carolyn Graham

    She works cross sector and has mediated a wide range of disputes especially employment and workplace


    Richard De Rivaz

    Richard is a CEDR Accredited Mediator and a Designated Member of Specialist Mediators LLP.

  • Sheelagh Robinson

    Mediation experience in County Court, mostly under the National Mediation Helpline


    Lubna Shuja

    General Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Divorce and Financial Orders, Boundary Disputes..

  • Peter Webster

    Construction & Engineering, PFI/Projects, Professional Negligence, Neighbour Disputes, Commercial Litigation...

  • Harassment & racism disputes
  • Anti social behaviour disputes
  • Warring communities
  • Community disputes

Community Mediation Disputes

Community mediation also known as neighbour mediation concerns disputes over anti social behaviour and disputes within the community between different groups of people and different communities.

Community disputes cause immense stress and tension and usually involve several people which makes the dispute worse than a typical neighbour dispute, although such disputes can be minor, in the extreme cases they can lead to acts of violence, assault and public order offences tearing communities apart.

Community mediation resolves disputes without having to involve other parties such as the police, anti social behaviour units, housing officers and so forth.

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