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    Our Mediators

    • Mediator Harvinder Singh Bhurji

      The lead Mediator and Director of Effective Dispute Solutions Limited is Harvinder Singh Bhurji


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    Commercial Mediation Training

    Commercial mediation training. Why choose EDSL?

    Our prestigious internationally renowned, accredited civil and commercial mediation skills training. Is one of the most recognised and sought after mediation qualifications on the market.

    Recognised worldwide, we are classed as one of the leading mediation training bodies in Europe. Now in our seventeenth year of delivering mediation training. We are one of the oldest mediation training providers in the UK. Of which there are only a few.


    Our five-day, forty-hour advanced mediation skills training is comprehensive. Rigorous and is completely up to date. To include relevant up to date case law, judgments, mediation techniques and global industry best practice. Delivery is through;

    • A range of simulated mediation role plays. Based on real life mediation’s, that we have mediated. This allows delegates to get a realistic feel for mediation. As well as how to mediate. Through continuous practice, on all aspects of mediation.
    • A powerpoint presentation which discusses the many aspects & stages of commercial mediation.
    • Videos to illustrate certain mediation skills & techniques.
    • Real life examples to reinforce the learning.

    Unlike most of our competition our Director of Training

    Mediation Training

    Harvinder is a CEDR, Academy of Experts & ADR Group Accredited Commercial Mediator.

    • UK Mediation Accredited Workplace & Community Mediator.
    • Has trained thousands of mediators, and assessed candidates who have undertaken mediation training all across the globe. To include the UK, Greece, Turkey, Kenya, Dubai, Ireland, Jersey, to mention a few.

    • Has incorporated into this course, all that he learnt through the mediation training he undertook, and the bodies he was accredited through. Alongside nearly 20 years of all the practical learning points, and advanced techniques from the real-life mediations he has conducted.     

    Equally all of our faculty of trainers are; 

    • Commercial Mediators.
    • Accredited through one or moreof the following bodies. CEDR, the ADR Group, the Academy of Experts and theChartered Institute of Arbitrators.
    • Highly experienced global mediationtrainers, (not just generic trainers).
    • Highly experienced practicingmediators. With extremely busy mediation practices in the UK and overseas.

    On the rise, recognition

    Commercial mediation more than ever before, is on the rise. More and more individuals, organisations and businesses are now more aware, realising and recognising the benefits of training in civil and commercial mediation.

    This is not surprising, due to a spate of recent high-profile High Court, Technology, Construction Court and Court of Appeal decisions. Spanning all the way back to 1999. Alongside this, several governmental departments, ombudsman, consumer and complaints schemes are recognising mediation more and more. Having implemented their own mediation procedures.

    In 101 cases, ranging from Ohpen, Farm Assist Limited, Dunnett to Cowl. The majority of these cases identified commercial mediation should have been used in those particular cases.

    Had it have been, it would have saved several thousands of pounds in legal fees, as well as time and stress. In fact, the courts now even penalise parties on their legal costs. If they initially refused to mediate. Even if they win at trial.