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Commercial Mediation Training

Commercial Mediation Training

Commercial mediation training. Become an Accredited Commercial Mediator. Gain the necessary key skills to effectively mediate. Any type of civil, commercial, business, company & financial dispute. And, or be better positioned to represent your clients in mediation’s.

Why choose us?

Our prestigious internationally renowned, accredited civil & commercial mediation skills training. Is one of the most recognised and sought-after mediation qualifications on the market.

Recognised worldwide, we are classed as one of the leading mediation training bodies in Europe. Now in our eighteenth year of delivering mediation training. We are one of the oldest mediation training providers in the UK. Of which there are only a few.

Next Dates

22nd – 26th February 2021

19th – 23rd April 2021


Due to Covid-19, all of our training is being delivered via Zoom until it is safe to resume delivery in person. Our five-day, forty-hour advanced mediation skills training is comprehensive. Rigorous and is completely up to date. To include relevant up to date case law. Judgments, mediation techniques and global industry best practice. Being highly participative it allows the delegate to develop, hone & improve their mediation skills through –

  • A detailed step by step guide via lecture, group & small group discussions.
  • This is aided by a detailed PowerPoint presentation.Which portrays the many skills, aspects & stages of commercial mediation.
  • Videos to illustrate certain mediation skills & techniques.
  • Real life examples of cases mediated to reinforce learning.
  • Hypothetical challenging & thought provoking dispute scenarios, ‘in this situation what would you do next?’
  • Several mediation role-plays. Based on real life mediation’s, that our mediators & tutors have actually mediated.This allows delegates to get a realistic feel for what commercial mediation entails. How to mediate, by putting into practice the skills they have been taught. Allowing for continuous practice, on all of the various aspects of mediation. Until perfection is achieved.
  • We use all of the above and much more, to cater for each type of learner. Adopting the VARK Model, we deliver for the audio, visual, reading / writing & kinesthetic learner.


DAY 1 – What is mediation, its history, the benefits. Litigation, alternative dispute resolution, types of mediation. Preparation, rapport building, exploration, the mediators opening statement.
DAY 2 – Verbal & non communication skills, rapport, body language. Psychology & mediation. Positions, interests & needs. Underlying issues. First & second role play exercises.
DAY 3 – Impasse. Negotiation. Litigation risk, reality testing. Drafting the agreement & closing. Third & fourth role play exercises. Assessment criteria.
DAY 4 – Preparation for mock assessments. Mock assessment role plays. General Q&A.
Day 5 – Final assessment role plays. They are marked by an experienced trainer who is also a mediator. Who did not deliver your training. General Q & A, what next?


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Successful completion gives

  • A prestigious qualification, entitling you to call yourself an Effective Dispute Solutions Accredited Commercial Mediator.
  • An accreditation meeting UK & European standards.
  • The post nominal letters M(EDS)dr, the kitemark of mediation excellence.
  • Allowing you to join the Civil Mediation Council.
  • A clear understanding of the principles, ethics & framework underpinning commercial mediation.
  • Preparing you to mediate real-life commercial disputes. Such as contract, professional negligence, landlord & tenant, boundary, property, probate disputes. In essence any dispute of a commercial nature.
  • Transferrable skills which you can use in every other aspect of your personal and professional life.

Who should attend?

In the past we have taught a whole range of professionals from Judges, Lawyers, Surveyors, Academics, Managers, & Company Directors to name a few.

  • Solicitors, Barristers, Legal Executives, Paralegals, law lecturers, in-house legal advisers, law students.
  • Judges, arbitrators, adjudicators.
  • Complaints managers, handlers, investigators, those responsible for resolving disputes, customer services agents.
  • All human resources professionals, directors, business partners, managers, trainers, trade, union representatives & policy advisors.
  • Other professionals, accountants, auditors, tax specialists, professional advisers, architects, civil engineers, surveyors.
  • Healthcare professionals, Drs, senior NHS Managers.
  • Education professionals, academics.
  • Directors, managers, executives in the commercial, public and voluntary sectors.
  • Service providers wanting to develop dispute resolution systems.
  • Anyone wishing to practice as a mediator.
  • Anyone who has completed an external accredited commercial mediation course.
  • Those wishing to become an “ADR entity” in the context of the EU ADR directive.