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Family mediation services can resolve your family disputes of any nature saving you a lot of money, time and the stress of going through Court. Our family mediators can assist with the complications of divorce and separation as well as the issues regarding children, extended families, finances, property, inheritance and family businesses.

Divorce & Separation Disputes (MIAMS)

A new reform of the family Court procedures in England and Wales came into effect on 6th April 2011, whereby all divorcing and separating couples will be referred to mediation to try and settle any disputes before being allowed to go to Court.

Family disputes of any nature can be stressful, unpleasant and emotionally draining, and are usually all three and more; divorces and separations are typically messy and highly emotional situations to have to go through.

Family Businesses

Family disputes can become severely problematic when family businesses are involved, especially at the time of a bereavement.

Who gets what, who should be in charge, but I put more time in, I put more money in, I want to sell, I want to keep the business. I am the majority shareholder. The list is endless.

Our mediators can help you repair the business element of the dispute, as well as the family aspect.

Wills, Inheritance & Probate Disputes

Sadly at  the time of a bereavement disputes can surface concerning wills, their validity / legitimacy, allegations of fraud, inheritance, trusts, allegations of executors acting inappropriately, issues can be further complicated when somebody dies intestate (without making a will).

Family & Extended Family Disputes

Families can get into dispute over almost anything; small minor misunderstandings, unforgiveable words / actions can escalate into lifetime feuds tearing families apart, which can in certain cases be carried on by the next generation.

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