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Mediation Walsall, our Walsall mediators live, work in and cover the whole of Walsall. Being local our Walsall mediators can be with you within days, with no charge for travel time or costs. Equally they provide online mediation through the Zoom video platform if you prefer.

They have been providing Walsall mediation services for several years in a cost effective and confidential manner, covering every type of commercial, workplace, employment, family, boundary and neighbour dispute, with a very high success rate.

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Our Walsall Mediation Services, Walsall Mediators Are

Cost Effective

High Success Rate

Be With You
Within 5 Days

Specialise In All Disputes, Across All Sectors

Cover All Of Walsall
& Will Travel To You

Online Mediation, Zoom Video & Or Telephone Mediation

Professional Backgrounds & Highly Experienced

£1+ Million Insurance, Supervised & Comply With CPD

Accredited & trained through one or more of the following mediation training bodies. CEDR, the Academy of Experts, CIArb & the ADR Group. Who are considered to be amongst the leading mediation training institutes in Europe.


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Our Walsall Mediators have mediated for

This mediation centered around an alleged breach of contract and professional negligence. In short the alleged overcharging of legal fees. It was a mere misunderstanding of how the legal fees had mounted up. Through the mediation the defendants were given a clear explanation of how their fees had been calculated. As well as making it clear, that they were not overcharged, and that the fees were were payable. An agreement was reached upon how the fees would be paid, via an installment plan the defendants could afford. Click here to read the testimonial.

This mediation concerned a property that had been renovated. Whereby the next door neighbour alleged the works had impacted upon his property, and caused considerable damage to it. A claim for around £25,000 was brought, within four hours mediation led to a resolution of this said dispute.  Click here to read the testimonial.

This mediation involved a very upsetting; acrimonious bitter and complicated Sikh family dispute. The subject matter concerned a property, deposit loaned and the proceeds of any sale. It was extremely delicate as the claimant was the ex-Mother in law of the defendant daughter in law. Sadly the husband had committed suicide, which made tensions that little bit more frayed. A claim for £90,000 was brought. A solution was founded, which took less than one day, bearing in mind the dispute had been in litigation for nearly two years.

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