Louisa Taylor

Solicitor & Commercial Mediator


Louisa is an experienced and highly competent mediator with a background in private equity and substantial business expertise and experience at all levels.

Her practice is flexible and focused on the individual needs of the parties having carried out approximately 70 mediations covering a variety of commercial, employment and property disputes.  Louisa stakes her reputation on her integrity, honesty, professionalism and drive to go the extra mile for clients to achieve a workable, cost effective solution for every client.

Areas of Expertise

Employment and Workplace, Commercial, Negligence, Insurance, Property and Inheritance

Accreditation Body

ADR Group and Mediation UK


Qualified Solicitor
BA in French and Italian

Professional Background

  • Founder of The Conflict Resolution Company Ltd (Mediation and Training Provider) London 2004-2010
  • Freelance consultant specialising in planning strategy and development within the Public Sector
  • Director of Menasse Business Developments later merging with Senexus Technologies and Consulting, London 2002-2004 (senior strategy and planning)
  • Davenport Lyons 2002 (solicitor in the corporate department)
  • S.J. Berwin 2001-2002 (solicitor in the private equity department
  • McClure Naismith 1991-2001 (solicitor in the corporate / banking departments)

Recent Mediations

  • Workplace Mediation between three senior managers
  • Employment mediation between Director and Head of Legal of Primary Care Trust
  • Workplace mediation between Assistant Director and Director of Primary Care Trust
  • 20 Director mediation and facilitation between director/shareholders
  • Supply contract dispute: between commercial (PLC) supplier and public body purchaser with ongoing relationship
  • Professional negligence claim involving disputed will
  • Insurance claim and counterclaim: involving car owner and insurance company
  • Contractual claim and counterclaim: involving tenant directors and tenant shareholders of property management company
  • Professional negligence claims: involving solicitors and long standing client
  • Medical negligence claims: involving Strategic Health Authority and parent on legal aid
  • Breach of contract: dispute between charterer and agent of overseas shipping manufacturer
  • Neighborhood disputes: involving noise, violence and mental health issues


  • “very impressed by the quality of work put in both in the mediation and behind the scenes”
  • “Louisa played a significant role in helping us reach a very useful result”
  • “Louisa displayed real skill and empathy during the mediation… prepared very thoroughly before the mediation”
  • “Louisa was very helpful in guiding the process”
  • “Good mix between presentation and interaction..clear and precise…motivating”
  • “I feel much more equipped to prepare myself and my member company to participate in a mediation”

Panel Memberships

Louisa is a member of Lawworks, a probono mediation panel, the Association of Cambridge Mediators, Camden Mediation service, Effective Dispute Solutions Limited and the panel of TCRC Ltd.

Personal Interests

Louisa is married with two daughters. She enjoys travel, plays the piano, loves music and is committed to personal development.

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