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Civil & Commercial Mediation Services

Our Mediators

  • Mediator Harvinder Singh Bhurji

    The lead Mediator and Director of Effective Dispute Solutions Limited is Harvinder Singh Bhurji


    Paul Balen

    Dispute resolution; Professional negligence including Clinical Negligence; Product Liability; personal injury...

  • David S Black

    Has been involved in commercial and neighbourhood mediations and helped achieve resolution of disputes


    Richard Cavadino

    As a RICS accredited mediator I have mediated a number of disputes in construction and property-related matters.

  • Martin Collingwood

    Specialisms include Construction and Civil Engineering, PFI Work, PPP Lift, Infrastructure Projects and more


    Grant Goodlad

    Grants background involves both commercial and contentious aspects of the law

  • Robin Lea

    His mediation style is commercially focused and pragmatic, yet friendly and relaxed.


    Tom Russell

    Tom has a wealth of experience in the world of litigation. He was a successful solicitor for nine years

  • Ken Salmon

    Building, civil engineering, professional negligence, rail, marine, energy, site remediation & more


    Peter Webster

    Construction & Engineering, PFI/Projects, Professional Negligence, Neighbour Disputes, Commercial Litigation...


We have mediated every possible type of building dispute, the below are the most common types of building disputes we have mediated.

Are you the customer?

  • Deposit taken no building work done?
  • Building work not complete?
  • Building work defective?
  • Drawings, design brief incorrect, not followed?
  • Incorrect materials used, less yet still being charged for them, more, but not applied to your job, cheaper, more expensive?
  • Extras unexplained, double counting or false charges?
  • Demands for more money, no receipts?
  • Correct building certificate, gas, electricity certificates not granted, given?
  • Contract breached, corners cut, delays?
  • Builder disappeared, avoiding you, not returning calls?

Are you the builder, building company?

  • Deposit not received?
  • Staged payment not received?
  • Cheque bounced?
  • Customer not supplied materials, correct plans, drawings?
  • Customer will not listen, wants to cut corners?
  • Incorrect materials supplied, less, more, cheaper, more expensive?
  • Customer keeps asking for extras, refusing to pay for them?
  • Demands for a partial or full refund?
  • Contract breached?
  • Delays, beyond your control, weather, act of God, materials not received?
  • Customer disappeared, avoiding you, not returning calls?



Building Mediation

Building mediation, building, builder disputes whether commercial or residential, can get extremely complicated. As well as expensive and stressful very quickly.

An original agreement, contract, written or oral, can vary as the building project goes on. Amendments, extras, changes, updates can easily get confused, misunderstood and miscommunicated.

Leading to severe delays, incomplete, defective work, typically a breakdown in communication, will ensue. Possibly leading to the builder being asked to leave the site. Or the builder refusing to return.

Demands for a refund, or more money to be paid at this stage are not uncommon. And possibly having to move into temporary accommodation, if your house is not habitable.

We have mediated every possible type of building dispute, with values ranging from a few thousand pounds, to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Our mediators have mediated for the following law firms, builders & building companies.

Geoffrey T Smith Co Solicitors – This mediation took place in April 2016, and had a value of £60,000.The defendant builder undertook extensive renovations on a family member’s property. Issues arose over the completion of the works, standard, contract price and extra work undertaken. Which was in contention. The work took place in 2009. Litigation was entered into, in February 2015.

Through mediation, the claimant got back approximately 45% of his claim, which was a figure he could justify and live with. Bearing in mind the defendant was initially refusing to pay anything!

The dispute had been going on for 6 years, our Mediator resolved it within two and half hours. Click here to read the testimonial.

The Construct & Create Partnership Ltd – This mediation took place in November 2017, and had a value of £155,000. It concerned a large refurbishment project for a domestic client. To include a conversion and large extension. The client refused to pay the final invoice, and the company chased it several times.

A counter claim then was then received, alongside an alleged list of defects. The dispute had been going on for several months, within four hours our Mediator resolved it through a telephone mediation. Click here to read the testimonial.

Edgar & Co – This mediation took place in January 2018, and had a value of £80,000. It concerned a largescale fitting; of high-end bespoke kitchens and interiors. These were to be fitted into the defendant’s new build houses, across their construction site portfolio.

The client refused to pay the final invoice. A counter claim then was then received, alongside an alleged list of defects. The dispute had been going on for nearly a year, within three hours our Mediator resolved it through a face to face mediation. Click here to read the testimonial.