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Building mediation, building, builder disputes whether commercial or residential, can get extremely complicated. As well as expensive and stressful very quickly.

An original agreement, contract, written or oral, can vary as the building project goes on. 

Amendments, extras, changes, updates can easily get confused, misunderstood and miscommunicated.

Leading to severe delays, incomplete, defective work, typically a breakdown in communication, will ensue. Possibly leading to the builder being asked to leave the site. Or the builder refusing to return.

Demands for a refund, or more money to be paid at this stage are not uncommon, and possibly having to move into temporary accommodation, if your house is not habitable. We have mediated every possible type of building dispute, with values ranging from a few thousand pounds, to hundreds of thousands of pounds.


We have been providing mediation services to Certass since 2017. Between consumers & trades persons. We are the only designated mediation provider working in partnership with Certass. Certass is a UKAS approved Certification Scheme that checks individual contractors & companies competence against set standards. Certass checks that your chosen home improvement contractor is competent to carry out your door & window replacement. Giving reassurance to homeowners that the contractor is checked & certified. 

Are you the customer?

  • Deposit taken no building work done?
  • Building work not complete?
  • Building work defective?
  • Drawings, design brief incorrect, not followed?
  • Incorrect materials used, less yet still being charged for them, more, but not applied to your job, cheaper, more expensive?
  • Extras unexplained, double counting or false charges?
  • Demands for more money, no receipts?
  • Correct building certificate, gas, electricity certificates not granted, given?
  • Contract breached, corners cut, delays?
  • Builder disappeared, avoiding you, not returning calls?


Are you the builder, building company?

  • Deposit not received?
  • Staged payment not received?
  • Cheque bounced?
  • Customer not supplied materials, correct plans, drawings?
  • Customer will not listen, wants to cut corners?
  • Incorrect materials supplied, less, more, cheaper, more expensive?
  • Customer keeps asking for extras, refusing to pay for them?
  • Demands for a partial or full refund?
  • Contract breached?
  • Delays, beyond your control, weather, act of God, materials not received?
  • Customer disappeared, avoiding you, not returning calls?

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What Did The Building Dispute Clients Say?

Paris Smith Solicitors

Cliff Morris, Associate, Southampton

“The Mediation was conducted quickly and concisely, taking significantly less than a full day, due to the timing and tempo provided by the Mediator.” 
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FBC Manby Bowdler Solicitors

Helen O Brien-Quinn, Solicitor, Telford

“My client informed me that he was extremely pleased with the outcome, I will certainly recommend you to other solicitors.”
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Geraint Jones & Co.

Sarah Robinson, Associate Solicitor,  Newtown, Pows

“You assisted them through & somehow led them to a settlement, this dispute had been ongoing for nearly three years.”
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