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Civil & Commercial Mediation Services

Our Boundary Mediators

17 of our mediators specialise in boundary disputes, click on the arrows below to view all of our boundary dispute mediators, click on READ MORE to view an individual mediators full CV

  • Mediator Harvinder Singh Bhurji

    The lead Mediator and Director of Effective Dispute Solutions Limited is Harvinder Singh Bhurji


    David S Black

    Has been involved in commercial and neighbourhood mediations and helped achieve resolution of disputes

  • Dr Michael Butterworth

    I am available to undertake all aspects of Commercial, Civil and Community mediation


    Richard Cavadino

    As a RICS accredited mediator I have mediated a number of disputes in construction and property-related matters.

  • David Daly

    I have completed over 110 Mediations so far completed as a mediator


    Roderick O'Driscoll

    Rod is a Chartered Arbitrator, Accredited Mediator, a Notary Public and a qualified Solicitor of the Supreme Court

  • Ike Ehiribe

    As a Chartered Arbitrator and Adjudicator I have issued well over 400 awards and decisions in civil & commercial disputes


    Phil Hesketh

    Professional Mediator accredited by ADR Group in 2006 with 19 years experience as a civil litigation solicitor.

  • Russell Jones

    Extensive experience of advising in a range of both civil and commercial disputes from boundary disputes to...


    Tina Suvajac Lees

    Tina works as a commercial and employment mediator and has worked on over 100 mediations

  • Michael Mccourt

    His experience covers a wide range of civil, property, building, and ownership disputes.


    Paul Newman

    He has a particular interest in building and civil engineering claims

  • Richard De Rivaz

    Richard is a CEDR Accredited Mediator and a Designated Member of Specialist Mediators LLP.


    John Roche

    Qualified as a Solicitor 1991, having obtained Is Class Honours Law Degree from Liverpool University

  • Lubna Shuja

    General Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Divorce and Financial Orders, Boundary Disputes..


    Jonathan Tecks

    Mediated commercial mediations as sole mediator, joint mediator and party representative

  • Peter Webster

    Construction & Engineering, PFI/Projects, Professional Negligence, Neighbour Disputes, Commercial Litigation...

  • Boundary disputes
  • Party wall disputes
  • Rights of ways
  • Shared driveways
  • Shared maintenance
  • Land disputes
  • Land tribunal matters
  • Adverse possession
  • Restrictive covenants

Boundary Disputes Mediation

Boundary disputes are expensive, complicated and very stressful, as usually they involve neighbours, who unfortunately you will live next to whilst any dispute arises and continues, which can make your home life stressful, as home is the place we all want to and need to relax.

Boundary disputes, typically arise when there is a dispute or confusion over exactly where the line of the boundary lies between adjacent properties or land.

For example where a boundary between properties differs from those described in the title documents or lease, or where a boundary has been changed by agreement or by encroachment (occupation without permission), or where it is alleged that the boundary has been encroached upon, simply by accident, on purpose or just following what the previous owners always did.

Although there are several myths and misconceptions regarding the line of a boundary between properties, if a dispute arises between neighbours and landowners about the boundary between their properties or land, it will be necessary to establish who owns the disputed land, equally if you try to sell the property whilst a dispute is on going, and if it is in full flow by law you will have to disclose this.

Boundary disputes are too expensive to fight in Court, the court, solicitors and experts fees, never mind the cost you may incur if you lose at court / trial, which will mean that you will not only have to pay your own legal costs, but a high proportion of the other sides legal costs also, as well as put right any damage you have caused to the other parties, land, property.

We have extensive experience of dealing with all types of boundary disputes, and our boundary mediators specialise in this minefield of area of dispute, from minor to serious issues concerning the following, but not limited to the actual boundary and where it should be, disputes over party walls, and appeals of the same, who has right of way, or should have right of way, front, back and side shared driveways, shared maintenance of a boundary, and who this should be down to, disputes over land, ownership, damage, as well as land tribunal matters, adverse possession and restrictive covenants.

Case Studies

  • Boundary Disputes

    Boundary disputes, the Robinsons lived next door to the Browns, after a month of high winds the fence between their back gardens came down. The Robinsons decided to replace it because when they spoke to the Browns about it they always said they would sort it out together, but never did, after 6 months of no action, it was replaced by the Robinsons.