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Boundary disputes are expensive, complicated and very stressful, as usually they involve neighbours, who unfortunately you will live next to whilst any dispute arises and continues, which can make your home life stressful, as home is the place we all want to and need to relax.

Boundary disputes, typically arise when there is a dispute or confusion over exactly where the line of the boundary lies between adjacent properties or land. For example where a boundary between properties differs from those described in the title documents or lease, or where a boundary has been changed by agreement or by encroachment (occupation without permission), or where it is alleged that the boundary has been encroached upon, simply by accident, on purpose or just following what the previous owners always did.

Although there are several myths and misconceptions regarding the line of a boundary between properties.

If a dispute arises between neighbours and landowners about the boundary between their properties or land. It will be necessary to establish who owns the disputed land, equally if you try to sell the property whilst a dispute is on going, and if it is in full flow, by law you will have to disclose this.

Boundary disputes are too expensive to fight in Court, the court, solicitors and experts fees, never mind the cost you may incur if you lose at court / trial, which will mean that you will not only have to pay your own legal costs, but a high proportion of the other sides legal costs also, as well as put right any damage you have caused to the other parties, land, property.

We have extensive experience of dealing with all types of boundary disputes, and our boundary mediators specialise in this minefield of area of dispute, from minor to serious issues concerning the following, but not limited to the actual boundary and where it should be, disputes over party walls, and appeals of the same, who has right of way, or should have right of way, front, back and side shared driveways, shared maintenance of a boundary, and who this should be down to, disputes over land, ownership, damage, as well as land tribunal matters, adverse possession and restrictive covenants.

  • Encroachment, wall, fence, trees disputes
  • Party wall disputes, party wall appeals
  • Rights of ways
  • Shared driveways
  • Shared maintenance
  • Land, extension, building disputes
  • Land tribunal matters
  • Adverse possession
  • Restrictive covenants

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St Ives Chambers
Michelle Caney
Barrister, Birmingham
“The costs which you undoubtedly saved both parties, in addition to the time & inconvenience, cannot be underestimated.”
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Pickering & Butters Solicitors
Elizabeth Spence
Lawyer, Stafford
"My clients were pleased with the outcome, did not feel browbeaten in anyway, which I have seen in other mediations."
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Staple Inn Chambers
Stuart J. Frame
Barrister, London
“Thank you for your skill & help, and I would happily recommend you to other barristers, solicitors, and litigants in person.”
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