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Birmingham Mediation

Birmingham is the UK’s second city. Being home to a variety of spectacular buildings, attractions and amenities. Such as the Bullring, Mailbox, Birmingham City Football Club, to name a few.

Birmingham Locals

Being local our Birmingham mediators can be with you within days. Equally they provide online mediation via Zoom & telephone mediation services. They have been providing Birmingham mediation services for several years in a cost effective and confidential manner.

Your Expert Mediators

We have four dedicated Birmingham mediators who live, work in and cover the whole of Birmingham. As well as its surrounding areas, our national panel of mediators also cover this region. And will travel to you.

Every Type Of Dispute

Covering every type of civil, commercial,  workplace, employment, family & neighbour dispute, with a very high success rate. Save money in expensive legal, expert and court fees. Save time, stop wasting it on court and legal actions!



Our Birmingham Mediators Have Mediated For

A contract dispute over the supply of metal to the aerospace industry.

a contract / property dispute over repairs to a number of properties.

 more than once contract, landlord / tenant and property disputes.

a three party local authority, private company, shop owner, racism dispute.

on two occasions, a contract, loan gift between ex partners dispute, & a contractual dispute over the restoration of a Rolls Royce vehicle.

professional negligence dispute over a family suing an NHS authority over the death of a family member.

boundary, property dispute.

boundary, property dispute.

boundary, neighbour dispute.

partnership, employment dispute.

unlawful eviction, landlord and tenant dispute.

construction dispute.

commercial landlord & tenant dispute.

contract, construction dispute.

employment, contract dispute.

commercial landlord & tenant dispute.

repossession, property dispute.

contract, partnership, supplier dispute.

family, property dispute, mostly in Punjabi.

landlord & tenant dispute.

landlord & tenant dispute.

family businesses, property, inheritance dispute.

loan gift between ex partners dispute.

boundary, neighbour dispute

property, inheritance, family businesses dispute.

several consumer, contractual disputes.

commercial, landlord  tenant, rent arrears, repairs dispute.

 IT dispute.

Employment, contract, economic loss dispute.

property, neighbour dispute.

property, neighbour dispute.

employment, contract dispute.

property, neighbour dispute.

Birmingham Mediation Case Studies

What Did The Birmingham Clients Say?

St Ives Chambers

Michelle Caney

Barrister at Law & Deputy Head of the Chancery & Commercial Group, St Ives Chambers, Birmingham
"...mediated 3 different disputes... all 3 were resolved successfully…neighbour / property, landlord & tenant, commercial landlord & tenant…ability to grasp the fundamental issues quickly, develop trust & confidence & quickly build rapport."
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Murria Solicitors

Mukesh Murria

Managing Director & Solicitor, Murria Solicitors, Birmingham
"...impressed with the resilience, pre-mediation preparation...focused the parties on a solution... impressed with your CV which displayed your extensive mediation experience, which bore fruition. I would happily recommend you."
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The Wilkes Partnership

Simon Thomas

Partner, Solicitor, The Wilkes Partnership Solicitors, Birmingham
"After some tense final negotiations, the parties reached a settlement (within five hours). I attribute that to the dogged determination with which you pursued a mediated agreement."
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Eric Bowes & Co Solicitors

Gurbinder Gill

Associate Solicitor, Eric Bowes Solicitors, Birmingham
"Although negotiations were difficult... a satisfactory result was founded at mediation. I thank you for your assistance, without which a fair resolution would not have been achieved."
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CSK Legal

Craig Kelly

Director & Solicitor, CSK Legal, Birmingham
"You have mediated for CSK Legal on 3 separate occasions, on each occasion, settlements have been achieved...grasp the fundamental issues quickly, develop trust & confidence, & quickly build a rapport because of your firm, polite & professional manner."
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Standley & Co Solicitors

Gareth Jenkins

Solicitor, Standley & Co Solicitors, Solihull
"In excess of £100,000. My client and I found you to be competent, friendly and professional throughout the whole process, and were delighted how quickly you were able to assist in facilitating settlement."
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