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  • Mediator Harvinder Singh Bhurji

    The lead Mediator and Director of Effective Dispute Solutions Limited is Harvinder Singh Bhurji


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Online Mediation

Online mediation, our mediation company were one of first to diversify. Using a whole range of different methods, to service our clients. We have been providing telephone mediation since 2007, some 13 years ago. On line mediation since 2013, some 7 years ago through a variety of platforms. As well as providing mediators in person since 2002.  

Many of our competitors do not provide such services. A few have just started to catch up, and now provide on line mediation due to the unfortunate spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Due to the imposed UK government lockdown to combat this deadly illness, and the spread of it. One of the main restrictions that affects the majority of the population, is to now work from home. Unless you are a key worker. It is unknown, how long this restriction will last, some say a few weeks. Other news reports state possibly until October 2020, whilst others advise this will last till 2021.

With such fear, uncertainty combined with the wide spread panic, mediators are still required. Litigation has not stopped, disputes still arise. Now that solicitors and their clients are unable to attend mediation’s in person. Nor as mediators should we providing our services in person. Online mediation is needed more than ever before.

How does it work?

We use video conference calls through Zoom. This platform allows us to replicate a real life mediation. Whereby the (parties), claimant and defendant are in separate digital rooms, alongside their solicitors and teams. The mediator can conference all the parties in and out. For joint and separate meetings when and as appropriate.

Prior to your mediation, your mediator will send you an invite by email. This will have the log in details you require to join your online mediation. You will also need to download the Zoom app to participate. Click here to see a helpful guide on how to download the app and how to join your mediation.

Online Mediation mediation video

The rules of confidentiality still apply to this type of mediation, as do all the other principles of mediation. It is an encrypted platform, therefore is 100% secure. An added benefit is further cost reductions to the clients and their lawyers. As there are no travel, venue hiring or refreshment costs.

Online Mediation Benefits