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Shareholder disputes, partnerships and successful businesses are created through good relationships, unfortunately the preservation of such relationships can be difficult to maintain leading to individuals falling out for a variety of reasons, placing disastrous effects on a business and its continuance.
By their very nature director, shareholder and partnership disputes can be particularly contentious, especially if they are family businesses. Whether you are facing a claim or a minority shareholder, an early commercial solution to these types of vulnerable and protracted disputes is a must.
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Companies Act disputes
  • Breach of Warranty disputes
  • Director and shareholder disputes
  • Partnership, joint venture disputes
  • Family business, company disputes

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Our Expert Shareholder &
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What Did The Clients Say?

Shropshire Independent Financial Services

Mrs Elizabeth Monether DipPFS,

Independent Financial Adviser, Shrewsbury
“Harvinder you were vital in reaching an agreement, which you somehow got us to within two and a half hours …I can move on with my life.”
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Terry Jones Solicitors

John McCormack

Solicitor, Shropshire
“There were several issues in play; a company, business dispute over an oral contract between the parties concerning an exit strategy and purchasing of a business.”
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Morton Connolly

John Connolly,

CEO, Bristol
“I wish to put on record our gratitude to you for the patience and time given in order to reach this settlement.”
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