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Neighbour disputes can cause immense stress for you, your family and on your relationships with your neighbours as well as others in the community.

Compared to a commercial or workplace dispute where you can switch off and leave the dispute at work / at the office and go home and forget about it until the next day, this option does not exist  if at home, is where the problem lies.

Like it or not you are going to have to live next door to your neighbours (temporarily or indefinitely), and there is no getting away from the issue(s), leaving people to feel trapped and helpless.

Although such disputes can be minor, in the extreme cases they can lead to acts of violence, assault and even bankruptcy. 

Equally, selling up, moving house is not just an option. By law if you have a dispute that is ongoing, you are obliged to tell any new purchaser of your home about it. It is very unlikely that someone would want to purchase your home with an on going dispute. Failure to disclose this, can lead to severe financial consequences. 

In recent years a number of high profile neighbour disputes have ended up in the Court of Appeal, whereby the parties in some of the cases have had to sell their houses to pay the enormous legal fees that they had racked up. 

Such disputes could have easily been resolved through mediation and should not have cost the parties their homes.

  • Boundaries
  • Noise
  • D-I-Y
  • Parking
  • Children
  • Fence, trees, high hedges
  • Dogs & pets

Mediation assists neighbours in dispute to discuss their disputes in the presence of a trained, independent mediator, without whom a conversation with one another would not be possible, preventing having to involve other parties such as the police, housing officers and so forth. Equally, if they have already been involved it stops the need for a more formal process to be undertaken.

We have extensive experience of mediating between neighbours over a wide range of matters, the common ones being boundary, parking, noise, mess, DIY, racism, harassment, children, pets amongst others.

As always we can quickly get to the underlying issues and help neighbours put an end to whatever their dispute is over in one day, compared to the years in certain cases some of these disputes have gone on.

Neighbour disputes are usually mediated at the individuals homes, (rarely do they go into each others homes), it is done through private meetings, or the mediation can take place at some neutral venue such as a council office, local hotel, solicitor’s office if the parties have solicitors.

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St Ives Chambers
Michelle Caney
Barrister, Birmingham
“The costs which you undoubtedly saved both parties, in addition to the time & inconvenience, cannot be underestimated.”
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MK Gill Solicitors
Dilshad Kaur Judge
Senior Associate Solicitor, Hounslow
"…acrimonious boundary dispute…the claimant was the defendant’s brother…three years worth of litigation…you managed somehow to lead the parties to a solution."
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Central Mediation Services
Mr WDE Shipman
Chair, West Bromwich
“Thank you for your skill & help, and I would happily recommend you to other barristers, solicitors, and litigants in person.”
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