mediation workshop

Mediation workshop, delivered by a leading name in the mediation and mediation training world. I will teach you how to commence, grow, develop and maintain a mediation practice.

So, where are you in your mediation career? Whether you are thinking of becoming a mediator. Are a newly qualified, trainee mediator, or a seasoned mediator who undertook your mediation training some time ago.

You will no doubt be asking the same question. How do I get more mediations? For years I have had several enquiries from mediators asking me that very same question.

Have you tried a number of ways to get more mediations? Whereby they have not worked. On the verge of giving up, and or given up. Due to the time and money you have spent. Resulting in sheer frustration and apathy?


Tell us, how to get more mediations then?

I know exactly how to get more mediations. And how you too, can get more mediations. In short there is no one way. As a variety of strategies are required.

Through the workshop I have carefully developed you will learn exactly what you must do. But more importantly, what you should not do.

It has been designed based upon all of the experience I have gained as a mediator and mediation trainer. Therefore, I take out all the guess work for you. Dispel all the myths, and answer all your questions. Putting you safely on the right track.

This will save you time, energy, frustration and most importantly money. Within one day, you get all my knowledge and experience, and if you apply what I teach you, you will get those mediations. Make money and get a return on your investment.

That all sounds good, but what do I actually learn & get?

A carefully designed bespoke one day mediation workshop. Built upon my real-life experience of all the trials and tribulations of building a successful mediation practice. Gain tips, correct information & dispel any myths, from an expert international mediator.

What are you currently doing & why?

What is working, what is not & why?

Getting rid of all the myths


The basics, the obvious, or not so…

Mediator CV

Mediation observations

Panel Memberships

Digital & online

Print & Offline

Make clients appoint you

Convert enquiries into bookings

What you need to stop doing?

What will you do next?

Your own action plan

Costs & time estimates

Why should we believe you?

  • I have been in your shoes. I too was a newly qualified mediator 21 years ago.
  • I know how you feel, I know the frustrations of trying to build a mediation practice.
  • I have wasted thousands of pounds on marketing, attending seminars, travel & accommodation.
    As well as the time and energy. If only I knew what I know now, back then!
  • No thanks, you are not experienced enough to join our mediation panel. And or, a whole other raft of excuses, the list was endless…



What makes you
such an expert?



31st 2023
  • Via zoom if not in person, which will be in London.


26th 2023
  • Via zoom if not in person, which will be in London.


26th 2023
  • Via zoom if not in person, which will be in London.
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