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Employment mediation services can tackle employment disputes early preventing the need for the expense, time and hassle of Court or an Employment Tribunal.

Employment mediation looks at repairing relationships between an employer and employee over issues such as employment conditions such as pay, contracts, grievance and discipline procedures, unfair and constructive dismissal. Dealt with quickly employment disputes can save considerable expense, time and stress, preventing wasted manpower, resources, a domino effect on external departments, such as, HR, management, unions, legal brought in with a view to assisting in resolving the dispute.

Employment mediation can prevent an employment dispute of any nature getting to a point of no return where relationships cannot be fixed and end up before a Court or Employment Tribunal.

Mediation & the Employment Act 2009

In 2007 Michael Gibbons wrote a review of employment dispute resolution and in April 2009 a new Employment Act came into force, encouraging the use of mediation in the workplace, highlighting the benefits of mediation rather than expending the time, cost and stress of going through an Employment Tribunal.

  • Employment conditions
  • Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE)
  • Contracts, pay, redundancy, compromise agreements
  • Grievance and disciplinary procedures
  • Unfair and constructive dismissal
  • Absence, long term sick due to stress
  • Whistle blowing

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Kay Simpson
MCIPD, Human Resources Director, Edinburgh
"I was impressed with how quickly you responded & arranged the mediation…An amicable solution was found …I would be happy to endorse your employment mediation services & would recommend you to other HR professionals."
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Natalie Wolfe
Solicitor, Leeds
“The parties had become somewhat entrenched…there appeared to be no solution in sight…thank you for assisting the parties in coming to a settlement.”
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Standley Co Solicitors
Gareth Jenkins
Solicitor, Solihull
"Delighted how quickly you were able to assist in facilitating settlement given the complexity and length of time the dispute had gone on."
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