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    • Mediator Harvinder Singh Bhurji

      The lead Mediator and Director of Effective Dispute Solutions Limited is Harvinder Singh Bhurji


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    Mediation Observations

    Mediation observations, what are they? Once a mediator has undertaken their civil, commercial or workplace mediation training; they needed to undertake three mediation observations.

    The Civil Mediation Council have now replaced this with a points system as of the 1st February 2021. Any questions on how the new system works need to be taken up with the Civil Mediation Council.

    The purpose of observations are, to actually see a live mediation take place.So that a mediator can actually experience what they have been taught on their civil, commercial or workplace mediation training course. Until a mediator has undertaken their observations, they cannot practice as a civil, commercial or workplace mediator.

    Three observations were set as a minimum, by the Civil Mediation Council. This has changed to 10 points. After the observations have been undertaken, a mediator can then go and mediate by themselves.

    Of course, there is nothing stopping a mediator from undertaking more than three / 10 points. To build upon their mediation experience. In fact, we have supplied more than three observations, to several mediators who wanted to gain as much experience as possible.

    Mediation Observations – The Cost

    Observations split into two types. Ones that are free. Ones that you have to pay for. In general, mediator observations lists, free or paid for can be extremely long. And or none existent. There are a variety of reasons for this.

    Long list

    • Several newly qualified mediators want to observe.
    • Parties object to an observer being present.
    • The mediator, mediation provider does not get many, enough mediation’s, to offer any observations.

    None existent

    • The mediator, mediation provider, do not take observers to their mediation’s.
    • The mediator barely mediates, so cannot offer any opportunities.

    What we do & why

    We firmly believe in quality and you get what you pay for. We charge for our observations. The observations we provide are very competitively priced. Although depending on who you go to, the price will vary.

    Unlike a number of our competitors, we have;

    Several satisfied mediators, who have observed one or more observations. And recommended us to other mediators, as they had such a good experience with us.

    Heard it all before? Don’t take our word for it, see what our observers actually say about us! Have any of our competitors got such references?

    1. Dr Stephen Evans, Managing Director, Honorary Lecturer, Institute of Criminal Justice Studies
    2. Emma Stevenson
    3. Howard Davies FRGS Bsc(Hons) DipBiolSci
    4. Dr Ebrahim
    5. Andrew West, Solicitor
    6. Tim Bennett, Solicitor
    7. Nisha Raikundalia, Solicitor
    8. Dr Hood
    9. Daphne Thomas, Former Employment Judge
    10. Steve Redman, Director, Legal Adviser
    11. Dr Naomi Elton Consultant Psychiatrist
    12. Mike Faulkner FCII CIP
    13. Norman Younger, Director
    14. Dr Shivani Pal LLB; LLM; PhD
    15. Lawrence King BA (Hons) MABRP Licensed Insolvency Practitioner
    16. Dr Roger Hood QVRM TD DL
    17. Sofia Amato, Solicitor
    18. Clare Waller, Solicitor
    19. Caroline Lewis, Senior Associate Solicitor
    20. Dr Pal LLB; LLM; PhD
    21. Ewa Babicka LLM
    22. Irene Caldarulo Imperial Health Charity volunteer
    • With us, it is not just an observation! You will be quizzed, and grilled by the mediator. For example, what would you do now, why would you do that, why did I just do that? The list is endless, in short, you will not just get an observation. You will learn a range of advanced mediation techniques.
    • Our observation list is quite simple. You ask to be put on it, when a suitable opportunity arises, we email the list. First come, first served, whoever replies the quickest, gets the observation.
    • If you wish to be fast tracked, we have a separate list, whereby we can offer all observations to you first, before they are sent out to the general list. The aim of this, is to get you ready to mediate, ASAP. We have managed to get some mediators to complete all their observations, within weeks or a few months.
    • Some mediators due to other commitments, want to take it more slowly, hence why we operate two types of lists.
    • The mediation’s we get vary from across every dispute sector, but will be mainly of a commercial, workplace nature. We mediate across the whole of the UK. Therefore, the location will of course vary.
    • We do try to accommodate those, who do not wish to travel very far, where it is possible. Zoom & telephone mediation’s are particularly helpful in this respect. As we just conference the mediator in.
    • At the end of the observation, you will be emailed a certificate of attendance, to keep in your CPD file.