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The larger the project, usually the larger the sums of money involved, which can very quickly spiral into extremely high value and complicated claims being brought. 

Projects which have the elements of multi parties and different jurisdictions becoming involved just add further problems.

Regardless of whether it was a one of project, or an ongoing commercial relationship. Which would perhaps need to be nurtured more than a one-off project.

Despite the location, value or subject matter of the dispute, our experience allows us to assist you in avoiding disruption to ongoing projects so that they can be completed swiftly and confidentially.

Your time and effort surely is much better served by fulfilling your objectives. Not wasting your time trying to resolve any dispute you may have got embroiled in. 

In essence do what you do best, and allow us to do what we do best.

Our construction mediators are extremely experienced having mediated multi million pounds, several parties, different jurisdictions disputes. They have mediated every possible type of construction dispute imaginable. Some of our mediators specifically just specialise in construction law, these types of disputes.

Place your trust in us, and within one day, we are confident that we can help you resolve your dispute. Saving you the time, hassle and costs of wading through this very tricky area of the law. Whether you need a mediator in person, or over Zoom, we can be with you within 5 days, preventing the need for a complete shutdown, an arbitration, adjudication or litigation.

  • Non payment disputes
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Defect claims disputes
  • Extensions / penalty claims disputes
  • Technical construction disputes
  • Quantum disputes
  • Professional negligence disputes

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Accredited & trained through one or more of the following mediation training bodies. CEDR, the Academy of Experts, CIArb & the ADR Group. Who are considered to be amongst the leading mediation training institutes in Europe.


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What Did The Construction Dispute Clients Say?

Construct & Create

Warren Staite-Loveridge

Director, Coventry
"Within four hours you helped the parties negotiate an amount which we deemed to be acceptable."
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LJS Construct

Lee J Stephenson

Director, Manchester
"You somehow managed to get my client a few thousand, resolved this impossible situation within 3 hours."
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Edgar & Co

Neil Edgar

Managing Director, London
“The mediation was conducted swiftly and to a satisfactory conclusion, negotiations were conducted quickly & efficiently."
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