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Civil & Commercial Mediation Services

Civil & Commercial Mediation Services

Commercial mediation services can resolve your civil and commercial disputes of any nature, saving you a lot of money, time and the stress of going through Court.

A civil or commercial dispute, whether it be a few hundred or millions of pounds can financially cripple or even in the worst case scenario unfortunately bankrupt a person or business. The longer the dispute goes on the worse it will get and become a nightmare, possibly becoming increasingly complicated and more stressful by the nature of the dispute, the amount of parties involved, the amount of individuals including personal relationships and other businesses it may affect.

In turn the jurisdiction(s) of the dispute(s), further litigation possibly surfacing out of the original dispute, leading to potentially more than one dispute, adverse publicity in some cases, wasted productivity, resources, manpower not to mention the ill will between the parties where it can become impossible to preserve an ongoing commercial relationship and the expense of thousands of pounds in solicitors, Court, expert, legal fees that will be eventually, inevitably racked up, has to be a daunting and harrowing prospect for any person, CEO, HR Manager, business or one man band.

The old adage goes time is money, in the commercial world time, money and relationships mean everything, therefore it is imperative to resolve a civil or commercial dispute as soon as possible so that it has minimal impact upon the commercial relationship, viability of the objectives needing to be completed as well as to save time and expense.