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Workplace Mediation Training

Workplace Mediation Training

Workplace mediation training. Why choose EDSL? Our prestigious internationally renowned, accredited workplace  mediation skills training. Is one of the most recognised and sought-after workplace mediation qualifications on the market.

Recognised worldwide, we are classed as one of the leading mediation training bodies in Europe. Now in our seventeenth year of delivering mediation training. We are one of the oldest workplace mediation training providers in the UK. Of which there are only a few.

Unlike most of our competition our Director of Training has extensive mediation training experience …

Harvinder is the Head of Mediation Training for the ADR Group. Which is the oldest (1989) mediation training provider in the UK. For whom he delivers their workplace and commercial mediation training courses.

Writes and updates their training materials. Assesses workplace and commercial mediators, who have undertaken mediation training. Has trained hundreds of mediators for them over the years. On many of the courses, the success rate has been 100%.

Since 2007 has been a Mediation Tutor & Accreditation Assessor for the global organisation the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Is on their approved faculty list. For whom he has taught several times in the UK & overseas, as a Course Director & co tutor in the delivery, teaching of their commercial mediation training course.

Acted as Chief Assessor, and assessor. This involves assessing candidates who have undertaken training to meet accreditation standards. As Chief, this also involves the coordination of the team of assessors.

Acted as Moderator, moderating a selection of candidate’s assessments, to ensure the assessment team have marked candidates consistently, correctly and fairly. Dealing with appeals, for candidates who have failed an assessment. Who have then appealed, whereby they are remarked, and the assessor’s reports are reviewed. Whereby the original grade can be upheld or overturned. Providing reasoning for any change in grade.

Has trained hundreds of mediators, and assessed candidates who have undertaken mediation training all across the globe. To include the UK, Greece, Turkey, Kenya, Dubai, Ireland, Jersey, to mention a few.

  • When he wrote this course, hasincorporated all that he learnt through the mediation training he undertook,and the four bodies he was accredited through. Alongside nearly 20 years of allthe practical learning points, and advanced techniques from the real-lifemediations he has conducted.    


  • Harvinder is a law graduate, aCEDR, Academy of Experts & ADR Group Accredited Commercial Mediator.
  • A QualifiedDispute Resolver and is a UK Mediation Accredited Workplace & CommunityMediator.
  • A qualifiedManager through the Chartered Management Institute (Level 5).
  • An associate Teacherand Qualified Trainer, holding the Certificate In Teaching in the LifelongLearning Sector (Level 4).


Mediation Experience

Has mediated everything and has a 90% success rate! Withnearly 20 years of practical experience, over 1000 civil,commercialworkplace,employment, family,boundary & neighbour disputes across all sectors. Values in disputehave been up to several millions of Pounds, Euros, US Dollars & Rupees.Mediated in several different jurisdictions. International mediations haveincluded Germany, Italy, Singapore, Cyprus, India, Turkey & Holland.Between multi parties & teams as well as two party disputes. The mediationshave been face to face, time limited, court referred & telephonemediations.

Nearly 100 genuine testimonialsrecommending him as Mediator & MediationTrainer.

Equally all of our faculty of trainers are; 

  • Workplace Mediators.
  • Accredited through one or moreof the following bodies.
  • CEDR, the ADR Group, the Academy of Experts and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.
  • Highly experienced globalmediation trainers, (not just generic trainers).
  • Highly experienced practicingmediators. With extremely busy mediation practices in the UK and overseas.


Our five-day, forty-hour advanced workplace mediationskills training is comprehensive. Rigorous and is completely up to date. Toinclude relevant up to date case law, judgments, mediation techniques andglobal industry best practice. Delivery is through;

  • A number of different simulatedmediation role plays. Based on real life workplace mediation’s, that ourmediators, tutors have mediated. This allows delegates to get a realistic feelfor mediation. As well as how to mediate. Through continuous practice, on allof the various aspects of mediation. On days 1 – 4, extensive feedback is givento delegates during the role play exercises. Coaching on how to improve, aswell as what went well.
  • A detailed lecture, discussion, astep by step guide. Aided by a PowerPoint presentation. Which portrays the manyaspects & stages of commercial mediation. 
  • Videos to illustrate certainmediation skills & techniques.
  • Real life examples of casesmediated to reinforce the learning.
  • We use all of the above and muchmore, to cater for each type of learner. Adopting the VARK Model, wedeliver for the audio, visual, reading / writing & kinesthetic learner.


  • DAY1 – What is workplace mediation, itshistory, the benefits. Litigation, alternative dispute resolution, other typesof mediation. Preparation, rapport building, exploration, the workplace mediatorsopening statement. 
  • DAY2 – Further exploration, verbal &non communication skills, body language. Psychology & mediation. Positions,interests & needs. Underlying issues. First & second role playexercises.
  • DAY3 – Impasse. Negotiation. Litigationrisk, reality testing. Third & fourth role play exercises. Assessmentcriteria.
  • DAY4 – Preparation for mock assessments.Mock assessment role plays. General Q&A.
  • Day5 – Final assessment role plays.General Q & A & what next? The final 90 minute assessed role plays arefilmed. They are then marked by an experienced mediator and trainer. Who didnot deliver your training. Results and certificates are dispatched within 8weeks of undertaking your training.

Successful completion givesthe delegate…

  • A prestigious qualification,entitling you to call yourself an Effective Dispute Solutions Accredited WorkplaceMediator.
  • An accreditationmeeting UK & European standards.
  • The post nominal letters M(EDS)dr,the kitemark of mediation excellence.
  • Allowing you to practice as anAccredited Workplace Mediator. 
  • Allowing you to join the CivilMediation Council.
  • A clear understanding of theprinciples, ethics & framework underpinning workplace mediation.
  • A firm understanding of workplace mediation,& how to mediate workplace disputes.
  • Preparing you to mediate real-lifeworkplace disputes. Such as bullying, discrimination, harassment, hireachy,victimisation – in essence any workplace dispute.  
  • Transferrable skills which youcan use in every other aspect of your personal and professional life.

Who should attend?

In the past we have taught awhole range of professionals from employment Judges, Lawyers, Academics, HRprofessionals, Managers, & Company Directors to name a few.

  • Employment Solicitors, Barristers, Legal Executives, Paralegals, law lecturers, in-house legal advisers, law students.
  • Employment Judges.
  • Complaints managers, handlers, investigators, those responsible for resolving disputes, customer services agents.
  • All human resources professionals, director, business partners, managers, trainers, trade, union representatives & policy advisors.
  • Healthcare professionals, Drs, senior NHS Managers.
  • Education professionals, academics.
  • Directors, managers, executives in the commercial, public and voluntary sectors.
  • Service providers wanting to develop dispute resolution systems.
  • Anyone wishing to practice as a workplace mediator.
  • Anyone who has completed an external accredited workplace mediation course.