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Workplace mediation concentrates on relationships with other work colleagues or employers over issues such as bullying at work, harassment, victimisation. Workplace mediation can prevent a workplace dispute of any nature getting to a point of no return where relationships cannot be fixed and end up in formal grievance and disciplinary procedures, Court or an Employment Tribunal.

Workplace mediation is a quick, flexible, voluntary process removing the barriers that have led to people becoming entangled in a dispute to be broken down quickly, paving the way for broken relationships to be easily fixed, making them responsible for the solution on how they can once again work alongside one another without the need to use more formal or legal procedures and the hassle of instigating defending a Court or Employment Tribunal claim.


A new ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures also encourages the use of workplace mediation.

  • Bullying at work
  • Harassment, victimisation, made to feel isolated and alone
  • Reduced productivity, low morale
  • Repairing workplace relationships which took years to form ruined in split seconds
  • Racism
  • Discrimination, sexual harassment, disability issues
  • Manager and employee (hierarchy)
  • Reduced productivity, low morale

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What Did The Clients Say?
Woodland Academy Trust
Karys Eagle,
Recruitment & HR, Woodland Academy Trust, Kent
“Required a mediator for a complex dispute with extensive workplace mediation experience, understood employment law & the way employment tribunals operate … Impressed you resolved this within 5 hours.”
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Andy Winter
Chief Executive, YMCA, Coventry & Warwickshire
“Lack of trust, suspicion, strong personalities and miscommunication …alongside several underlying issues, which you quickly identified and very diplomatically handled.”
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Gotelee Solicitors
Andrew West,
Employment Solicitor, Partner, Gotelee Solicitors, Ipswich
“It was an incredibly useful learning experience for me, watching an experienced mediator at work …I’d encourage any newly qualified mediators to observe Harvinder.”
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