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Debt Mediation Services

Our Debt Mediators

  • Mediator Harvinder Singh Bhurji

    The lead Mediator and Director of Effective Dispute Solutions Limited is Harvinder Singh Bhurji


    Paul Balen

    Dispute resolution; Professional negligence including Clinical Negligence; Product Liability; personal injury...

  • Dr Michael Butterworth

    I am available to undertake all aspects of Commercial, Civil and Community mediation


    Sundeep Singh Bhatia

    Conduct of employment law matters including unfair dismissal, discrimination and compromise agreement

  • Carolyn Graham

    She works cross sector and has mediated a wide range of disputes especially employment and workplace


    Phil Hesketh

    Professional Mediator accredited by ADR Group in 2006 with 19 years experience as a civil litigation solicitor.

  • Lubna Shuja

    General Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Divorce and Financial Orders, Boundary Disputes..


Debt Mediation Services

Debt mediation services, debt evolves out of being owed money or property of some sort. Or you actually owing a person or company monies and or property.

As a debt mediation company, (not debt collection agency), we have mediated several debt disputes. They have fallen under two categories, personal debt and business debts.

Personal debts

Personal debt, the majority of the cases we have mediated in this category have been;

  • A breach of contract, (written and or oral). The failure to pay for goods or services delivered.
  • Money loaned to a friend, ex-partner, family member, or another person(s).

These types of disputes can be straight forward or quite complicated. They are more straight forward, when it is clear and or admitted the money has been loaned.

They become complicated when in the absence of evidence, a contract, or where the contract is vague, it is alleged that the money was a gift rather than a loan. If in law it was a gift, then there is no debt!

Quite often, the monies advanced were a gift. However, on several occasions our mediators have mediated disputes where it has turned out the alleged gift was really a loan.

Business debts

These types of debts can be business to consumer, or business to business. Generally, they will revolve around an alleged contract, breach, defective goods or services, late delivery and so forth.

An example of a business to consumer debt would be, when a consumer orders furniture from a company. It does not arrive when it was supposed to. And or is defective, or not fit for the purpose, or as originally was described. If a finance company is involved, it just further complicates the matter. As they then become entangled in the dispute between the consumer and the business.

An example of a business to business debt, would be where company X supplies company Z with raw materials. Having supplied the materials, company Z stall on making payments. Or refuse to make payment. And possibly brining a counter claim, stating the raw materials are defective, cannot be used.

Simple, whatever debt dispute you have, we have seen them all, mediated all kinds of debt disputes. We can also mediate yours, and save you the money, time and stress of court.

Examples of some of the debt disputes we have mediated are below;