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Asian dispute mediation services, the Asian culture is rich and diverse, weddings and marriages are at the core of the culture which in most cases are big lavish events costing several thousands of pounds. In today’s western world dowries are a thing of the past for most, however they are still commonly requested formally or informally which itself can lead to disputes, with marriage plans being halted, or terminated.

With divorce and separation on the increase in the Asian community far more than ever before, claims and disputes for dowry gifts, money to be returned are not uncommon.

Issues over caste and marrying out of the Asian community can and still do cause disputes, living with extended families can also cause much turmoil for the bride and the groom and the family who are trying to get used to one another / living habits / traditions.

Disputes over the littlest issues can surface and be magnified leading to families / communities getting involved. Grooms trying to please their brides and their family at the same time, leading sometimes to ultimatums, major disputes and upset. Mediating such disputes early can prevent headache, heartache and in the worst case scenario the expense of divorce and separation.

With an in-depth knowledge and key understanding of the Asian community our Asian mediators can assist you to achieve quick, cost effective and pragmatic solutions in relation to all types of disputes concerning the Asian community, equally our Asian mediators speak & understand Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu.

  • Pre wedding disputes
  • Dowry disputes
  • Return of dowry disputes
  • Caste disputes
  • Mixed marriage disputes
  • In law disputes

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Our Expert
Asian Dispute Mediators


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Freeth Cartwright LLP

Paul Balen

Partner, Nottingham
"Your interpretation skills were clearly an advantage which was one of the reasons we chose you to mediate."
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Small Claims Mediation

Jo Holland

Chief Executive Officer, Leicester
“The claimant father was suing his daughter and son in law for £1,790,000 over properties, you conducted the mediation in Punjabi at times as the claimants first language was not English."
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CSK Legal

Craig Kelly

Director & Solicitor, Birmingham
"Negotiations were difficult and very tense at times, some of which you conducted in Punjabi."
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