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Our Defamation Mediators

3 of our mediators specialise in defamation disputes, click on the arrows below to view all of our defamation dispute mediators, click on READ MORE to view an individual mediators full CV.

  • Mediator Harvinder Singh Bhurji

    The lead Mediator and Director of Effective Dispute Solutions Limited is Harvinder Singh Bhurji


    Jane Walmsley

    Jane encourages people to take full advantage of the mediation process and the control...

  • Paul Balen

    Dispute resolution; Professional negligence including Clinical Negligence; Product Liability; personal injury...

  • Defamation disputes
  • Libel disputes
  • Slander disputes

Defamation Disputes

It can take years to build a brand or reputation which can be torn to shreds within seconds, with devastating consequences for the individual, brand or business concerned, it takes years for a tarnished name, brand to recover, assuming that it does, the loss of face, profits, sales, earnings, respect and trust, never mind the distress is an ordeal not worth considering.

As the internet appears to be getting more accessible defamatory, libellous statements can be spread much quicker and further than ever before.

Defamation is horrendously expensive and in certain circumstances very difficult to prove, coupled with the litigation risk more often than not, going all the way to trial is not worth the headache, stress and cost.

Case Studies

  • Defamation Religious Dispute

    Defamation is extremely expensive, the claimant claimed damages for £100,000 for the defendants, slander to an audience of persons who knew both, it was alleged he spoke words which put the claimants character into disrepute, equally application for an injunction prohibiting the defendant, whether by himself, his servants or agents or otherwise from further publishing the said words or any similar words defamatory of the claimant was sought.

  • Libel Dispute

    A libel dispute led to a mediation between members of a gardening organisation. The committee was managed by a chairperson, who organised events and other members of the committee and the treasurer. A monthly newsletter was produced by the committee with an article from the chairperson. Due to ill health the treasurer wanted to retire from the committee and concentrate on her health.