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Property mediation services. Property, building and land disputes can be very problematic. Whether it is a commercial property or residential dwelling contract values can range from a few thousand to several millions of pounds.

Our property mediators are highly experienced professionals and can assist all parties to resolve their property dispute of any nature. Whether your property dispute concerns issues over an easement, covenant, restrictive covenant, rights of way, tenancy, planning, building, construction repair and disrepair.

In certain cases, warring neighbours and communities, which catapults the dispute further making it become personal and unbearable to live with.

Whilst a dispute is in question, property or land cannot be sold. Leading to further complications more so for commercial groups as well as for residential properties, as well as a loss in value in certain cases, it can be never ending, therefore such disputes need to be resolved sooner rather than later.

  • Property disputes
  • Land disputes
  • Planning disputes
  • Boundary disputes
  • Rights of ways disputes

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What Did The Property Dispute Clients Say?

Murria Solicitors

Mukesh Murria

Managing Director & Solicitor, Birmingham
"My clients and I were impressed with the resilience, pre-mediation preparation by you. I was also impressed with how you focused the parties on a solution."
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Small Claims Mediation

Jo Holland

Chief Executive Officer, Leicester
" The claimant father was suing his daughter and son in law (defendants) for £1,790,000 over properties, you conducted the mediation in Punjabi at times as the claimants first language was not English."
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Dr Hozefa Ebrahim

Consultant in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine, Birmingham
" observe a dispute regarding property and other assets between two brothers. I also witnessed a style of mediation that I have not observed ... and may be able to employ these styles when needed in the future."
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