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Divorce mediation as a phrase is slightly incorrect; therefore we thought we would provide some clarity around the issue and where mediation actually sits between those who are divorcing.

Nearly four and half years ago new legislation came into effect, (Family Court Procedures) which stated that all those who were going through a divorce and or separating would be referred to mediation with a view to ironing out their disputes, before they used court as a final option.

It is important to note that there is not technically a divorce mediation procedure, what we mean by this is, although divorcing couples can and should go to mediation the process of mediation assists parties to resolve any differences they have and to organise and agree upon the division of any finances, property and arrangements concerning access to children and so forth.

The mediation itself does not divorce the couple, nor can the mediator, divorcing couples still need to seek a formal divorce and go through the divorce procedure through the courts.

You may ask, well what’s the point of this, as the divorce procedure still would need to be pursued through the traditional route, well if mediation is entered into and is successful, then the lengthy and bitter divorce procedure is then very straightforward, and cuts out all the time, bitterness and acrimony a typical divorce without having entered into mediation would cause!

Divorce mediation is sometimes referred to as family mediation also, it is important to note that family mediation is not limited to divorcing or separating couples, it can also be used for a variety of family disputes, such as arranging access to grandchildren / extended family, disputes over family businesses, probate, will and inheritance claims, as well as any other family issues.

Our family mediators specialise in all types of family disputes, with a proven track record and years of experience, we should be your choice to mediate any of your family disputes, we look forward to hearing from you and assisting you to resolve any of your family disputes, quickly, cost effectively and less stressfully!

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