Happy Christmas

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Finally, it is here. Let’s all cheer. And have that Christmas beer.

I can’t, I’m broke! Mate don’t mean to poke, what you mean you are broke, is this some kind of joke?

This whole year has been a mess. My bank balance is less. You would not believe the stress.Slow down, and stop the press.

What’s happening? Simple, the bank keep ringing. And they want their cash. My business they funded all went to hash.

But you were doing so well. I was but it then all went to hell. From grace I fell!

They are suing me for two hundred & sixty thousand. The case falls in the multi-track band. I could have done with a hand.

A colleague of mine tried mediation. The guy he used was his salvation. He saved him time, money and stress.Got him out of his awful mess.

Claimed this magic mediator, Bhurji was well worth the cost. He made all the litigation, court & experts get lost.

Within a day, he led the way. All got to have their say. Less than litigation they all had to pay!

Call Harv B. He is the mediator to see. With a reasonable fee. You no longer need to flee!

Happy Christmas to all our clients and referrers, wishing you and your families a happy, safe & merry break!

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