Happy Mothers Day

Got A Dispute?
End It Now!

It was Mother’s Day.
I had to stay away.
Last May, I, my brother Tom & sister Fay.
Fought all day.

Over what, Tom’s usual scheming, greed, money, grabbing, this & that!

It’s so sad, I feel really bad.
A family get together was not had.
What about your dad?
Well he was more than cross.
Stating what am I to do, Tom is the boss.

We never talk anymore.
It’s always a chore.
Descending into I’ll give you what for.

My parents don’t need this grief at their age,
Tom just can’t turn the page.
Nor get rid of his rage.

He is such a fool.
Thinks he is so cool.
Wow who cares you have a swimming pool!

Dad paid for it anyway, as well as for much more. It’s a shame as he just abuses my parents, he is such a cheap whore!

Steady on Ray, he’s still your brother.
Not at all, we just have the same mother.
Only DNA connects us, would love to run him over with a bus!

The above is actually based on a real family dispute I mediated, the parents retire, sell their multi-million-pound business, Tom, helps himself to as much as he can whilst the parents were alive, & after they pass.

I mediate, the estate has been denuded by legal fees. A deal was done, however, as good a mediator that I like to think I am, I was unable to repair the family rift. If only they had come to me sooner?

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