Happy Valentines Day

Got A Dispute?
End It Now!

Remember all the romance? The slow dance, when I proposed.
You froze and said yes, I confess, I was scared for a while.
Which you removed through your smile.
Eight years later we divorce, the marriage did not go on the smooth course.

I had to sell my Porsche, you took my car, kids & house by force!
Being dragged through court, who would have thought?
As I sit in my Land Rover, I just want this to be all over.
I don’t want to fight, just want our kids to be alright.

These legal fees are bleeding me dry, I won’t cry, I just wish to die!
6 months in, my litigation can go in the bin.
Salvation & hope?! I don’t need to hang by rope.
My ex suggested mediation, what a revelation!

The mediator helped us sort all our issues, no more court or tissues!
Saving us thousands, I can now get on with my errands.
I’m now getting on with my life, so is the ex-wife.
I’ve shared custody of the children, they’re playing in my new garden.

Thank you, Mr Bhurji.
Independent, professional, cost effective & as straight as the clergy! Thankfully we did not have to go to court, with the risk of the other side committing perjury!

Happy Valentines Day, unfortunately, with divorce / separation, the children usually suffer the most, it need not be that way, let me, let you have your say, get you through the mediation day, & make your dispute finally go away!

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