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Coaching sessions are tailored specifically to a person’s needs and concentrate exclusively on the issues that person wants or needs to address. Coaching is a focused, flexible and above all an effective approach to sharpening and enhancing performance. Coaching is ideal for someone who wants to find the best approach to:

  • Handling a difficult client
  • Handling a difficult boss
  • Improving the performance of their team
  • Increasing confidence
  • Returning to work after a period of absence for example redundancy, maternity leave or family commitments

A coaching project typically comprises three or four 1-2 hour meetings with interim telephone or email support, as appropriate. All conversations are confidential. Where appropriate, coaching can be combined with training in discrete skills areas working with people who want to:

  • achieve personal development objectives
  • deal with work-related dilemmas

Our coach will help you to:

  • define the result you want to achieve
  • plan how to achieve it

By giving you:

  • an independent, objective ear
  • time and space to clarify your thinking
  • encouragement and support to meet your deadlines

The process will be:

  • built around what you want to achieve
  • focused on achieving the end result

Some of the coaching projects undertaken include working with:

  • a female barrister to improve the quality of her relationships with her clerks by increasing her confidence and authority while maintaining respectful and friendly communication
  • a barristers’ clerk to develop and implement a marketing strategy
  • a female solicitor who had developed a reputation for being a harsh supervisor to soften her approach while maintaining her high standards and expectations
  • the manager of a support team in a commercial law firm to sharpen her leadership and management style
  • a junior solicitor to help him take control over his time and his workload so as to avoid a second poor appraisal
  • the solicitor supervisor of a team of four junior fee-earners to help him take control of his own workload while working himself for a very demanding, disorganised supervisor