Good Friday

Got A Dispute?
End It Now!

This dispute has been going on forever.
The defendant thinks he is so clever.

I am so bored, cheer up it’s the day of our Lord.
if only I had a sword, I would cut his vocal chord.

This is so much strife.
It has taken over my life.

The wife I can no longer please.
I’m struggling to make the payments on her BMW lease.
When will this drama all cease?

Lawyer wants £6000 on account.
I have lost count!
How do I get out of this mess, I can’t even guess?

The sister in law, Mary, opens the stable door, & her jaw.
“Forget this brawl” as she fixes her shawl.
“Try that mediation thing”, who, what where?

EDSL, will serve you well & get you out of this hell!
The defendant Peter can deny, claim he doesn’t know me.
As well as that other Judas, who can continue to betray & lie.

It has been a good Friday; our good Lord did lay.
But just as Christ rose, at the mediation the defendant froze.

Lying through his nose, he became unstuck & ran out of luck. What a crucifixion, the mediator led us both to satisfaction.

The mediator was in charge, in his dapper navy suit.
Which I believe was Hugo Boss.
He removed my burdened heavy cross.

My crown of thorns, were removed.
Placed on the defendant’s devilish horns.

The mediator was magic.
Got us a result, without naming any fault!

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