Happy Bonfire Night

Got A Dispute?
End It Now!

Can we please not fight? It is Bonfire night.

Forget who is wrong or right. The litigation bill is going to reach a great height!

May I suggest, if I might? That you have lost sight.

Of what in life is paramount. Lost time, money and stress, which you cannot count!

Nor reclaim.But simply choose to blame.

Defame the other party into shame!

Get some sparklers, fountain wheels and rockets.

Think of all that extra cash in your pockets.

Once you stop this court action.

Think of everyone’s reaction?

Go to mediation.

Bhurji your mediator will lead you to tremendous satisfaction.

Bhurji will help all put out the bonfire heat.

Very swiftly when you meet.

The mediation.

Will end all of the frustration.

There is no need to beat the other side.

Nor hide, but just abide and take it all in your stride.

The mediator will guide you to a solution.

With plenty of resolution.

Of course it is your choice.

If you want the mediator to give you a voice?

Following up from our Halloween post, just a gentle reminder that if you refer any mediations to us by the 10th November 2017, 20 rockets & sparkler percentage off. Have a great & safe bonfire night.

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