Happy Diwali

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My suit today will be Roberto Cavalli
After all it is Diwali
Sick to death of my brother, & my Sālī ਸਾਲੀ (sister in law)
Family business
I’d love to put them on a hitlist

Off to mediation we trot
A deal was got
To my surprise, they didn’t steal a lot
Although their temper was quite hot
Rudeness was kerbed, reduced to not,
At all
Our mediator was on the ball

Didn’t allow a brawl
Saved us face, neither of us fall

A Happy Diwali after all
Want to resolve your disputes?
Bhurji, you should call!

In approximately 1612, Guru Hargobind Ji, the sixth Sikh Guru, led 52 Rajas to freedom. The Sikhs remember and celebrate this day with Happy Bandi Chhor Divas.

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