Happy Ramadan

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Naser and I, just came out the sky.

As we drove through Pakistan, our minds just ran.

In all that sand, is our inherited land.

Allah help, we need a magic wand.

Greeted by hostile family, ignore them, lets be manly. The more we spoke, it was just a joke.

It got worse, we tried hard not to curse.

This is our land, go back to the UK, otherwise you will be banned.

You keep all in the UK, all here, belongs to us, stop this fuss.

We reason but are just met with complete poison.

These villagers need to remember, in 88, the September, Dad sent back cash, as they sunbathe, idle, smoking hash. Quick to ask, now they hide behind their mask.

On the Emirates flight, we knew we would have a fight, with our UK relatives, we can now forget our Ramadan festivities.

Well what went down, is that their stance, they can just drown. The lawyers have just sent an up to date cost note, we are sinking in this legal costs moat.

Look try that Sikh mediator, he’s not Muslim, so, he mediated for Ali, & Wasim. What type of cases, same as yours, how much for? He’s cost effective, independent & objective.

Wow, he’s good, straight out the hood, fluent in Punjabi, understood Urdu, got us all a result, no judgement by default, knew the culture, not a vulture, Happy Ramadan.

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