Punjabi Mediator Wishes Eid Mubarak

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I’m still in shock.

That mediator we didn’t book.

Thankfully we gave Bhurji another look.

He made that crook and us have a Happy Eid Mubarak!

What did the other mediators lack? To offer they had jack. Whom we did effectively sack. To Bhurji we went back. Up he rocked in his Prada mac.

His references, experience & qualifications.

Got us all through the many lies and complications. And out of trouble with the federations who regulate us.

Nasar came through, providing all of the accounts, he was brilliant. Coupled with Bhurji who was extremely diligent.

He may have been a sergeant in Pakistan. However as the defendant came unstuck he needed a fan.

We are glad it settled, indeed there was no need for the defendant’s greed. Trying to make us bleed, after all it is Eid. He is just a bad seed, but the mediator did lead.

Us all to peace & joy, no longer can they twist our arm & act haram (forbidden act), all is now finally calm.

What else does he mediate, everything, 0800 246 1218, just give him a ring, mediating for every race, saving all face, he’ll get you a result, removing the fault. As he left, he smiled & said, satisfied, I told you I would save you more than 50 thousand.

A very happy Eid to all those who are celebrating today, one of the principles behind Eid is keeping peace with our fellow man. Let our mediators help you resolve any of your commercial, workplace, or family disputes.

Our mediation services cover every type of dispute, so you are in safe hands, let us help you spread the peace, and indeed keep it. And or prevent your dispute escalating, ending up in court, why not just save the time, money & stress, and let us get you a settlement in one day?

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