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Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Our Expert Witnesses

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  • David S Black

    Has been involved in commercial and neighbourhood mediations and helped achieve resolution of disputes


    Richard Cavadino

    As a RICS accredited mediator I have mediated a number of disputes in construction and property-related matters.

  • Ike Ehiribe

    As a Chartered Arbitrator and Adjudicator I have issued well over 400 awards and decisions in civil & commercial disputes


    Dr Peter Fenn

    Elected member of Dispute Resolution Faculty Board at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

  • Martin E Quaile

    Specialisms include building and construction, environmental, property and general commercial disputes


    Jeffrey C Rosenthal

    I have been extensively involved in dispute resolution work, acting as an arbitrator, expert witness and mediator

  • Ken Salmon

    Building, civil engineering, professional negligence, rail, marine, energy, site remediation & more


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Expert Determination

Expert determination involves the use of an independent technical expert who makes a binding decision concerning a dispute of any nature based upon their expertise in that field, from a technical point of view opposed to the legal issues in play. The decision will be binding unless the parties agreed from the beginning that the determination would not be.