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  • The employees wasted 3 years on this bitter acrimonious dispute. 
  • Legal, HR, union rep’s other staff members became involved, entangled, drawn into this dispute. Several resources, manpower & productivity wasted.
  • Had they mediated in the first place, they would have saved 3 years, & several thousands of pounds in wasted resources, manpower & productivity.


  • The mediation took 1 day, 8 hours compared to the 3 years this workplace dispute had already gone on.
  • The mediation only cost the employer a fraction, of what they had already wasted spent on extra unescessary resources. 
  • AND saved them the several thousands of pounds further required, in defending this in an Employment Tribunal.

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Our Expert Workplace Mediators
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2002 CEDR, Academy of Experts, ADR Group Accredited Mediator. 20+years of experience. 1000+ mediation’s, 90% success rate. Mediated every type of commercial, workplace, boundary & family dispute. CIArb mediation assessor & trainer since 2007. ADR Group, Head of Mediation Training 2018 – 2020. English & Punjabi speaker.
Harvinder Singh BhurjiLLB (Hons), QDR(M), MCIArb, MCMI, CTLLS
Director, International Commercial & Workplace Mediator & Trainer

<a href="">Harvinder Singh Bhurji</a>
1998 CEDR & ADR Group Accredited Mediator. 24 years experience, CIArb & RICS mediation trainer & assessor. Coach since 1987. Specialisms racial discrimination, unfair & constructive dismissal, bullying. Property, family businesses, construction, professional negligence. Director, partnerships, business, joint venture, debt, employment.
Jane WalmsleyBA, LLB, LLM, MCIArb, UKCP, MBACP
Psychotherapist, Coach, Commercial &
Workplace Mediator, Barrister (non-practicing)

<a href="">Jane Walmsley</a>
2005 CEDR Accredited Mediator, 16 years mediation experience. Proprietor of Beaumonde Law Practice, Solicitor & employment law specialist. Specialisms company, unfair dismissal, discrimination & compromise agreements. English & Punjabi speaker.
Sundeep Singh BhatiaEmployment Solicitor & Commercial Mediator
<a href="">Sundeep Singh Bhatia</a>
2010 CIArb Accredited Mediator. 12 years mediation experience. Specialisms, construction, engineering, contract, employment, partnership, shareholder & professional negligence disputes.
Martin CollingwoodSolicitor, Commercial Mediator,
Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Med – Arb specialist

<a href="">Martin Collingwood</a>
1996 CEDR Accredited Mediator. 26 years mediation experience. CIArb commercial mediation course tutor & assessor. Specialisms, construction, contracts, corporate sale, landlord & tenant, employment, personal injury & professional negligence.
Grant GoodladBarrister & Commercial Mediator
<a href="">Grant Goodlad</a>
2002 CEDR Accredited Mediator. 20 years mediation experience. Consensio workplace mediation course trainer. Specialisms, business, charities, contract, education, workplace, landlord & tenant, media, partnership, public sector, wills & probate.
Carolyn GrahamCommercial & Workplace Mediator
<a href="">Carolyn Graham</a>
ADR Group Accredited Mediator. 16 years mediation experience. 19 years as a civil litigator. Specialisms, personal injury, clinical & professional negligence, partnership, employment, landlord & tenant, commercial contract, boundary & probate disputes.
Phil HeskethSolicitor till 2008, Commercial Mediator
<a href="">Phil Hesketh</a>
2008 Accredited Mediator. 14 years mediation experience. Specialisms, commercial, company, contract, employment, insolvency & personal injury law.
Joe Al KhayatBarrister & Commercial Mediator
<a href="">Joe Al Khayat</a>
1999 CEDR Accredited Mediator. 90% success rate. 23 years mediation experience. Specialisms, contract, employment, boundary, building & construction.
Edward LegardBarrister, Employment Judge & Commercial Mediator
<a href="">Edward Legard</a>
2002 ADR Group Accredited Mediator. 20 years mediation experience. Qualified as a Solicitor in 1982. Family Mediator (MIAMs) trained also. Specialisms, family, probate, contract, debt recovery, & workplace disputes.
Frances PlaceCommercial & Family Mediator
<a href="">Frances Place</a>
1997 ADR Group Accredited Mediator. 25 years mediation experience. Solicitor since 1991, for many years having obtained a Ist Class Honours Law Degree from Liverpool University. Specialisms, commercial, company, contract, employment, insolvency & personal injury law.
John RocheLLB (Hons) Solcitor & Commercial Mediator
2007 ADR Group Accredited Mediator. 15 years mediation experience. Family & workplace mediation trained. Specialisms, probate, landlord / tenant, boundary, partnership, building, contract, insurance, professional negligence, family & workplace.
Julian RendallLLM, MCIArb, FMCA, MIAM’s PPC
Supervisor, Commercial, Workplace & Family Mediator

<a href="">Julian Rendall</a>
2008 ADR Chambers Accredited Mediator. 14 years mediation experience. Director at Davisons Solicitors & Head of the Dispute Resolution Team. Specialisms, construction, probate, family, employment, contract & professional negligence.
Umran SadiqSolicitor & Commercial Mediator
Mediator Umran Sadiq
2003 ADR Group Accredited Mediator. 19 years mediation experience. 70+ mediations.
Specialisms, workplace, insurance, professional negligence, contract, property & private equity.
Louisa TaylorSolicitor & Commercial Mediator
<a href="">Louisa Taylor</a>
2003 ADR Chambers Accredited Mediator. 19 years experience. Family & workplace mediation trained. Specialisms, construction, engineering, PFI/Projects, professional negligence, neighbour, litigation, family & workplace.
Peter WebsterSolicitor, Commercial, Workplace & Family Mediator
<a href="">Peter Webster</a>
2019 Accredited Mediator. 3 Years Mediation Experience. Managing Partner Gotelee LLP. Employment Solicitor, specialisms, workplace,
employment & commercial litigation.
Andrew WestSolicitor, Commercial & Workplace Mediator
<a href="">Andrew West</a>
20 Years of Experience, 1000+ Mediations, 90% success rate, mediated every type of commercial & workplace dispute.
Harvinder Singh Bhurji
Harvinder Singh Bhurji
Jane encourages people to take full advantage of the mediation process and the control…
Jane Walmsley
Jane Walmsley
Dispute resolution; Professional negligence including Clinical Negligence; Product Liability; personal injury…
Paul Balen
Paul Balen
Conduct of employment law matters including unfair dismissal, discrimination and compromise agreement.
Sundeep Singh Bhatia
Sundeep Singh Bhatia
Grants background involves both commercial and contentious aspects of the law.
Grant Goodlad
Grant Goodlad
She works cross sector and has mediated a wide range of disputes especially employment and workplace.
Carolyn Graham
Carolyn Graham
Professional Mediator accredited by ADR Group in 2006 with 19 years experience as a civil litigation solicitor
Phil Hesketh
Phil Hesketh
Specialist employment practitioner covering all major aspects of employment law.
Edward Legard
Edward Legard
Founded and managed Family Mediation Department at Lyons Davidson for 11 years.
Frances Place
Frances Place
Louisa is an experienced and highly competent mediator with a background in private equity.
Louisa Taylor
Louisa Taylor
Construction & Engineering, PFI/Projects, Professional Negligence, Neighbour Disputes, Commercial Litigation..
Peter Webster
Peter Webster

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