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Professional negligence is on the increase!

We all rely on professionals on a daily basis regardless of our age, background, occupation and education. Professionals are sought for their expertise, knowledge, qualifications, training and experience in a particular subject as they are presumed to have more knowledge than the average individual and give us the answers we require, they are the experts.

For example when we are not well we would go and visit a doctor, if we needed our accounts doing we would employ an accountant, for legal advice we would go to a solicitor and take their word as gospel and rely upon the same.

The majority of the time these professionals are spot on with their advice which we rely upon to make various choices and decisions about various aspects of our life who we come to trust, respect and build a professional relationship with, usually we continue to use this professional for life and or recommend them to others.

However, there are times when even professionals get it wrong, make mistakes, they do not always get it right, they miss something through a pure error, acting negligently, recklessly or otherwise. Whereby the advice they convey to us leads us to make decisions, choices we should not have, would not have, if the advice they had given us was correct.

Unfortunately these situations give rise to valid and legitimate disputes which usually end up in very expensive legal battles.

Professional negligence disputes are increasingly emerging and are more prevalent than before. At Effective Dispute Solutions our mediators have seen a steady increase in our caseload concerning professional negligence cases that have benefited from our mediation services.

In previous times individuals would never dare to question a professional however as we live in a day and age of litigation first, more and more professionals are being sued. We have provided mediation services in such cases where the professional has actually done nothing wrong, whereas in certain cases they clearly have.

Regardless of blame, regardless of what could of, should have happened our mediators focus clients on what needs to happen to put matters right, we guide parties on how to resolve their professional negligence disputes quickly, cost effectively and to avoid the stress of Court for a fraction of the time, money and stress it would have cost them if they pursued Court action.

View our mediators professional negligence case studies, view our testimonials get in touch today on 0800 246 12 18 or [email protected] if you have a claim against a professional, or if you are a professional having to defend a claim, let us help you resolve this matter now through mediation, not months down the line when you have wasted precious time, energy and money that you did not need to.

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