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CEDR mediation, CEDR is an abbrevation for Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution. It is highly reagrded as one of the pioneers of commercial mediation, and training of commercial mediators in the UK. 

Founded in 1990 its reputation is internationally recognised. Whereby they have delivered training and mediation in several countires over the last 33 years.  Obtaining CEDR Accredited Mediator status is highly sought across the globe and a must for any aspiring mediator. As their commercial mediation training course,  is considered to be amongst the best in the world. 

We are proud to say fourteen of Effective Dispute Solutions Limited mediators are CEDR Accredited Mediators and ensure their commercial mediations are undertaken in accordance with the commercial mediation model taught on their course. 

Equally they provide online mediation via Zoom & telephone mediation services. 

  • Covering every type of commercial,  workplace, employment, family & neighbour dispute, with a very high success rate.
  • Save money in expensive legal, expert and court fees.
  • Save months even years in fighting through the courts. Not to mention the time off work to attend solicitor and court appointments.
  • Save on the uncertainty & stress of going through the whole court process. Avoid court, and resolve your dispute today & get your life back.

Our CEDR Mediators Are

Cost Effective

High Success Rate

Be With You
Within 5 Days

Specialise In All Disputes, Across All Sectors

Cover All Of The UK
& Will Travel To You

Online Mediation, Zoom Video & Or Telephone Mediation

Professional Backgrounds & Highly Experienced

£1+ Million Insurance, Supervised & Comply With CPD

Accredited & trained through one or more of the following mediation training bodies. CEDR, the Academy of Experts, CIArb & the ADR Group. Who are considered to be amongst the leading mediation training institutes in Europe.


Our CEDR Mediators


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