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The most any UK Mediator has! If you’ve had quotes from other mediators, how many did they have?!

At Effective Dispute Solutions Limited we understand that it is imperative to select the right mediator who will be key in assisting you and your clients to resolve their disputes in a cost effective, quick, confidential and professional manner. With over a decade of experience and a 90% success rate we have been instructed by hundreds of legal professionals over the years, consisting of national, regional and high street law firms and leading barrister’s chambers.

View our testimonials to see what the rest of the profession have to say about us. Through our experience and reputation we have built up key long standing relationships with several legal professionals who repeatedly request our mediation services and recommend us to others.

Although each case is different our bespoke approach coupled with our expertise will cater for your every need, choose a mediator or we can help you select one.

Are accredited by the Civil Mediation Council as a mediation provider, and a designated provider of mediation services to the National Mediation Helpline.

Our national panel of mediators are qualified, insured and supervised, who are amongst some of the best mediators of today’s generation, equally they come with years of mediation experience and are specialists in their particular disciplines expanding across all sectors.

  • We have a 90% success rate
  • 95% of mediations are resolved in 1 day
  • 95% of mediations are arranged within 1 week
  • 90% of mediations arranged and mediated within 28 days
  • Good availability of mediators, communicated to the client within 1 day if not the same day
  • Over a 100+ years combined mediation experience
  • National mediation service covering the whole of the UK
  • Mediation costs are flexible and can be negotiated, we shall try to match if not beat any other mediation quotes that you have had, some of our fees are VAT exempt providing your client with an extra saving

Legal Mediation Video

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High Success Rate

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Within 28 Days

Specialise In All Disputes, Across All Sectors

Cover All Of The UK
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Professional Backgrounds & Highly Experienced

£1+ Million Insurance, Supervised & Comply With CPD

Accredited & trained through one or more of the following mediation training bodies. CEDR, the Academy of Experts, CIArb & the ADR Group. Who are considered to be amongst the leading mediation training institutes in Europe.


Our Expert
Legal Mediators


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