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Civil Mediation Council Secretary Iain Christie has today forwarded to all Civil Mediation Council members notice of the councils annual general meeting.

The annual general meeting shall take place on Wednesday 11th December 2013 with a 16.30 start; the venue is to be in London at The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, 12 Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2LP.

There shall be a report from the Chair; the current chair is Sir Alan Ward who retired from the Court of Appeal earlier this year in February.

In 1964 Sir Alan was called to the Bar, previously he was an attorney in South Africa, in 1984 he took silk and appeared on several cases in the House of Lords.

Four years later in 1998 he was appointed a Judge of the High Court assigned to the Family Division, seven years later in 1995 he was appointed to the Court of Appeal, giving several leading judgments on all areas of the law. He has been a long time enthusiast of mediation and is a CEDR accredited Mediator.

The report from the Treasurer will also be received from Richard Schiffer who has been one of the founding members of the both Civil Mediation Council as well as the alternative dispute resolution organisation the ADR Group and is himself a practicing commercial mediator.

Reports from the Secretary and Chief Executive will also be received. The Civil Mediation Council will also use this meeting as an opportunity to consider whether the current constitution requires any amendments and to consider any other business.

Equally the winner of 2013 Lord Slynn Prize will be announced, Lord Slynn was a former Chair of the Civil Mediation Council and a great advocate of the mediation movement, he sadly passed away on the 7th April 2009 at the age of 79. The prize is named after him in his honour. Further information can be found on the Civil Mediation Council website.

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