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Commercial Mediation Competition

Commercial Mediation Competition

Commercial Mediation competition to be held by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on the Friday 7th February 2014 in Paris for the ninth time. The Commercial Mediation competition is part of a Mediation Week held by the ICC.

The event attracts prominent figures from the international mediation world, consisting of mediators, legal practitioners the dispute resolution world. It is important to note that the completion is the only annual event which is explicitly geared towards international commercial mediation.

The ICC attracts participants from over forty countries, selecting sixty six university teams and over one hundred and twenty mediators! The six day competition allows for over a staggering two hundred mediation sessions.

The mock mediations entail the university students playing the role of a mediator, one of the parties and or counsel to the parties. The panel of judges made up of mediators from around the globe some who practice the UK mediation model decide which universities go through to the next round, where one will be appointed the winner. All judges who come from the mediation world must be accredited commercial mediators.