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Mediator Events September 14

Mediator Events September 2014

Calling all mediators there are several events that will interest mediators in September 2014, regardless of where they are at in their mediation career, whether they be veterans, newly qualified, or considering embarking upon a mediation career.

On Wednesday 10th September 2014 The Academy of Experts are hosting an evening meeting, their keynote speaker is the esteemed The Honourable Mr Justice Ramsey, the talk is entitled The Impact of the Jackson Reforms on Expert Evidence.

Sir Vivian Ramseys CV is exceptionally impressive, to include starting off as a civil engineer, followed by an international legal career, both as a barrister and a judge, becoming Queens Counsel in 1992.

Known for his appearances in the High Court, House of Lords, Court of Appeal and a member of Dispute Review Boards. Currently he is the judge overseeing and in charge of the Lord Jackson reforms which have been keeping lawyers, experts and mediators on the edge of their seats.

The ADR Group is launching a new mediation training programme which is an accredited mediation advocacy course; the purpose of the course is to impart delegates with the knowledge and confidence to be effective advocates at mediations.

The course has five key attributes; 1. Advising clients with regards to the suitability and mediation process 2. Preparation of opening / position statements 3.How to present and deliver an effective opening / position statement 4. The art of negotiation 5.Concluding the mediation, the drafting of a settlement agreement.

The pilot course will take place from Friday 19th September to Sunday 21st September 2014 the venue will be the BPP Law School, 68-70 Red Lion Street, Holborn, London WC1R 4NY. The cost to attend this highly sought after course is £795.00 + VAT for ADR Group mediators and members, £1200.00 + VAT for non members. Further information and booking details can be found on the ADR Groups website.

On Monday 22nd September 2014 The Association of Mediators, Assessors, Trainers and Instructors (AMATI) are holding a conference entitled The Future of Mediation Training. The venue will be the International Dispute Resolution Centre, 70 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1EU.

With a 9.30 am start the day will consist of keynote speakers from the mediation, legal world as well as practicing mediators who will be discussing the evolving standards of mediation training. Further information can be found on the AMATI website.