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South West mediation services are provided by a number of Effective Dispute Solutions mediators, a number of whom work and live in the South West, in addition to a number of our mediators who are based geographically elsewhere but mediate throughout the whole of the UK offering UK mediation services services countrywide.

Mr Robin Lea is one of Effective Dispute Solutions South Wests Mediators who is very active throughout the UK mediation circuit with a particular focus on the South West. Robin has been instrumental in promoting mediation in the South West for several years, whereby he has created and maintained relationships with a number of law firms and County Courts for who he has advised, supported and mediated.

It is important to note that in 2001 Robin implemented an Alternative Dispute Resolution unit at the Bristol office of the national law firm Lyons Davidson where until 2005 he was a business manager and mediator.

In 2003 Robin advised Bristol County Court on the implementation of the Bristol Mediation Court scheme, in 2004 he advised the County Court at Bath on the setting up and implementation of their Court scheme. In 2006 he was the mediator representative for Gloucester County Court for the then Department of Constitutional Affairs (now the Ministry of Justice) National Mediation Helpline and National Mediation Awareness week.

Robin was also appointed by the Department of Constitutional Affairs and Her Majestys Court Service as a mediation representative for the County Court at Bath as well as being one of their Court steering group committee members.

In 2003 Robin trained to be a mediator and was accredited as a commercial mediator through CEDR, in 2004 he underwent further commercial mediation training with the ADR Group and was accredited through them also.

Since 2003 Robin has acted as a mediator in several disputes, although he runs a general commercial mediation practice he has also mediated workplace, family and community disputes.

Robins commercial mediation practice has included successfully resolving engineering and construction disputes, shareholder disputes, family business disputes, partnership disputes, contractual matters, professional negligence claims, environmental and contamination issues, landlord and tenant disputes, to name a few.

Robin Lea is a gifted, pragmatic and successful mediator, appoint him now, call 0800 246 1218

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